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Swelling 6 Weeks Post-op? (photo)

I am 6 weeks post op from mid-back roll liposuction and am getting a bit frusterated with the swelling an healing cycle. One morning I wake up looking great, another I am puffy. I was told I can leave my garment off at night at this point, but the next morning I am unevenly swollen. My pics were taken 3 days apart. The first is after sleeping with the garment, the second is after a night without it. Which is the more realistic in terms of how I should expect to look?

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Liposuction swelling normal after 6 weeks post-op?

It looks like you will eventually have a nice result, but you are just at 6 weeks and these changes will continue to occur for the next month or so.  Although everyone is different, final results will be at around 3-4 months.  I typically tell my patients that, like you are experiencing, your results will vary and one day you will be so happy and the next day be more swollen and wonder what happened.  I also advise my patients that they can go without their garment during the day and put it on at night when they are home.  Try not to worry too much, keep in touch with your surgeon and give it some time.  ac

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Swelling 6 Weeks Post-op?

Either wear the compression garment continually with your chosen surgeon's OK or add lymphatic massages and external ultrasound to your helping process. 

Swelling 6 Weeks Post-op?

If you feel your appearance is better when you have worn the garment, by all means continue to do so. Swelling is variable, and it diminishes at a rate that is not constant-there are ups and downs. All in all it looks like a nice outcome. Expect to look like Saturday's photo.

All the best. 

Swelling after liposuction

The good news is that if it looks good with the garment just removed,  then it will probably look good long term,  You'll need to give it about 4-6 months.

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Swelling is Normal After #Liposuction

From your photos, it does show different degrees of sweeling, but this is normal in the early recovery phase. You will likely continue to see changes as time progresses and might not reach a final result until 6 months. Time will improve the swelling and then you can evaluate your results with your surgeon.

Best of luck,

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Don't worry

Swelling will come and go for up to 6 months in most patients after liposuction. We ok discontinuing the garment at 6 weeks since it probably won't change the final outcome after this time, but for comfort many of my patients keep wearing some kind of compression for up to 3 months, especially those who are very active. The only thing that comes and goes that quicky is swelling so hang in there, your picture right after removing the compression shows a very nice result by your doctor.

Swelling after liposuction is NORMAL

You are describing a NORMAL pattern.  There is always variable swelling after liposuction.  This continues until it subsides around 4 months.  By 6 months you are 85% there but still some swelling.  Not until 9 to 12 months are you at the end point.  If you are unhappy at 9 months you need to talk to your surgeon.    Liposuction is a big surgery and it disturbs many little lymphatics and this take a long time to heal.  Please be patient.  The end result is the same with or without the garment        .My Best,  Dr C

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