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Will I be alert enough 5 days postop to take an exam? (online course) requires mental alertness...?

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Will I be a lot alert and off after my surgery?


The answer really depends upon the surgery that you're having.  This is something that you should discuss with your plastic surgeon.  Some procedures require more pain medication that and some will require less.

As a good rule of thumb if your upcoming examination is important to you the  safest route would be to have your surgery after the examination.


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Post Op Recovery Before Exam


Five days after surgery can be a time for fatigue, no matter what procedure you are planning.  You cannot be certain that you will be at your intellectual best, so if the exam is critical for you, you may want to schedule your surgery accordingly.

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Best to delay educational exams for 4-6 weeks after surgery


Thank you for your question.  General anesthesia does have lasting effects on your brain and mental alertness.  My recommendation would be to wait 4-6 weeks after having general anesthesia for any type of elective cosmetic plastic surgery before taking an important exam.

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Fit for exams?


Dear Jessica,

Every surgical procedure comes with risks of complications. If a complication happens this might compromise your exam. Some procedures have higher risks, some much lower complication rates.

The decision process should consider how urgent is the surgery and how important is the exam.

I wish you good luck for both things.

London Plastic Surgeon



I believe that 5 days post op gives you the actual mental lift you have to have in order to get a good result with your exam.

Good Luck !

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