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Can Asymmetric Eyes or Eyebrows Be Fixed?

I am interested in fixing my asymmetrical eyes. One of my brows sits noticeably lower and that same eye looks much smaller than the other eye/eyebrow. Is this a problem that can be fixed to create a more balanced, symmetrical set of eyes for myself? I am a young woman in her twenties, not an older person so I am not sure what type of surgery would be best, but I plan on consulting soon. Thank you!

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Asymmetry of brows and eyes


Some asymmetries can be fixed, others cannot.

Often, one globe (eyeball) is more deeply set than another. That means that it sits more deeply in the bone of the eye (orbital socket). This in turn causes many other asymmetries. The deeper eye will have more laxity (looseness) of the overlying skin, causing the upper eyelids to appear different.

There is often on the same side as the deeper set eye a flattening of the cheekbone, again causing the eye area to look different. There may be an orbital dystopia, where the eye bones are actually at different levels.

Brows can be at diffferent levels, or have different strengths of muscles functioning to cause the brow to appear different. The whole anatomy of every bone and muscle in the face comes into play.

Differences in the set of a globe cannot, for practical purposes, be corrected. However, a plastic surgeon who carefully analyzes the asymmetries of the face can come up with a plan that minimizes the asymmetries.

Nobody is completely symmetrical. A skilled and artistic plastic surgeon can point out the asymmetries and come up with a plan to minimize them. He or she can also point out which asymmetries cannot be fixed. You should feel comfortable after your consultation that your asymmetries were pointed out, recognized, and a plan included how to reduce the fixable asymmetries as much as possible.

Overall, asymmetries can often be minimized, but never completely removed.

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Correcting brow assymetry


Most techniques for brow elevations (open forehead lift, endoscopic brow lift, transpalpebral brow lifts etc.) will improve brow asymmetries.  However, if the asymmetry is due to a discrepancy in the orbital opening in the skull, the correction achieved will be short lived.

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Correcting Eyebrow Asymmetry


Brow lift can correct a static eyebrow asymmetry: if the difference in height or shape of the brow is present when the brow is relaxed.

Oftentimes, asymmetry is dynamic: a result of a difference in the tone of the forehead muscles.  Brow lift will not correct dynamic asymmetries.

This can be determined with careful examination.

Dynamic asymmetries can often be improved with BOTOX.

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Brow asymmetry can be corrected


Yes, your asymmetry can usually be corrected with a browlift.  Probably, an endoscopic approach will work, but your surgeon can give you the best advice.

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Correcting asymmetric eyebrows with browlift procedure

Asymmetric eyebrows can in fact be made to be more even, with some type of browlift procedure. The realistic goal is not to create perfect symmetry, but to help get closer to that goal and make a moderate improvement. This does not need to be a major procedure- many of the browlifts I perform are done under simple oral sedation, with a limited recovery time. It is important to note that, many times, asymmetric eyebrows can be associated with asymmetries of the eyelids as well, so this needs to be recognized pre-operatively so perhaps these asymmetries can be corrected or at least planned for.

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Oculoplastic techniques could address this issue


Asymmetry of the brow and eyelids could be fixed by a variety of surgical techniques, depending on the specific asymmetry. A plastic surgeon with oculoplastic training should be able to address these issues.

The brow asymmetry could be addressed by unilateral brow lift. The eyelid asymmetry is fixed depends on the specific issues.

The key issue here is to communicate your requests and expectations to your surgeon to ensure that you will be satisfied of the final result.

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Asymmetric eyebrows can be fixed

 A browlift can fix asymmetrical brows at rest, not upon animation. Some patients have an inbalance of the  frontalis muscle, so the brows are symmetrical at rest, but asymmetrical with animation.  The brow lift procedure is performed as an outpatient surgical procedure through either endoscopic or coronal approaches. For many examples please see the link below

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Toronto Brow Lift


There are several possible causes for this asymmetry. Either a surgical or Botox brow lift may help, but it really depends on the cause of your asymmetry. It would be best for you to go for an in-person consultation with an experienced board certified PS in your area to see what your options are.


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Fixing Asymmetries of the Brows


Most asymmetries of the eye due to differing brow heights can be corrected.

By the way, to have brows at different levels is quite normal and usually goes unnoticed by both the individual and others. That is because the vast majority of people are able to lift one or both eyebrows independently of the other, and do this while expression during normal everyday conversations. So if one eyebrow is higher than the other, people perceive that the person must be expressing by actively lifting one brow higher, and think nothing more of it.

I don't have a photograph showing the height of your brows, so I'm uncertain whether the discrepancy between them would be considered within the range of normal or not. If the difference is relatively minor, perhaps one option for you is to do nothing.

However, any procedure used to lift both eyebrows, can also be used to lift just one, be it with Botox (or Dysport or Xeomin) or with endoscopic lifts, suture lifts, mid-forehead or hairline lifts, or a long-incision coronal lift. With the longer incision, the excision area is designed so that more is removed on the side that you want lifted more.

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Asymmetry is normal in the face


No one, not even Marilynn Monroe, has complete symmetry of the face. In fact, symmetry in nature is boring! Just look at a flower, a leaf, sea shell, a nautilus shell, etc.

Having said that, we try to correct asymmetry with plastic surgery as best we can. So, brow or eyelid asymmetry is normal, sit down with your surgeon, evaluate what can be done and what can not be done and then proceed with realistic expectations. Age is not a problem, most brow lifts are performed on younger people.

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