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If l want to raise my nose bridge, how many syringes of ArteFill?

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Non surgical rhinoplasty


Raising the bridge of the nose can be done a variety of ways. I've not heard of artefill being used often. I would have to examine you but typically in order to raise the bridge of the nose, you need either an implant or bone/cartilage graft. You can have a temporary improvement with an HA filler like Juvederm, but these results do not last more than a year.

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Dr. Barrett
Beverly Hills, CA

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Zero syringes of Artefill


Artefill does not belong in the nose.  It can cause serious complications.  If you are going to raise your nose bridge then be safe and use Restylane or get an actual surgery.  Do not inject glass beads into your nose which Artefill is.  

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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