How Long Will Fluid Continue to Build Up in my Breast After Implant Removal?

Hi, I just had my breast implants removed along with a capsulectomy on Jan. 17 2013. The day after surgery I saw my PS and he had to drain 120cc of fluid from my right breast. It is now the next day and the fluid has already built back up. Is this dangerous? I'm also having swelling above my chest area and beneath my collar bones and neck, is this normal? It hurts to touch it, like a bruise. Will this fluid absorb on its own eventually? I'm confused.

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Implant Removal Fluid

Thank you for your question. The fluid should not be dangerous, and should subside in several days to a couple of weeks. I hope this helps.

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Fluid collection after implant removal

Fluid collections after implant removal are not common, but should not be dangerous as long as you have the fluid removed.  In cases such as yours, I usually leave a drain in place for a few days to make sure that the pocket heals without this complication.  It will be hard to say how many times this will recur for you, but if it keeps happening you might discuss having a drain placed by an ultrasound physician to allow things to heal together.

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Seroma in breast pocket

It is uncommon for a seroma to develop after a capsulectomy.   Often with repeated aspiration it goes away. Sometimes a drain needs to be placed. There is a risk of implant rupture from aspiration.

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How Long Will Fluid Continue to Build Up in my Breast After Implant Removal?

This is hard to answer, as each patient is unique. Usually, this doesn't happen at all. In most patients in whom fluid collects, it usually stops after several aspirations. If it persists, sometimes a drain will be inserted (office procedure). There are also substances that can be injected to encourage this to stop--betadine, tetracycline, alcohol).

Follow with your surgeon. He/she will be better prepared to make predictions, having the benefit of following your course. 

Thanks, best wishes.

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