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Calf Implants; Unsure of the Asymmetry?

recently i had calf implants. i had two on each leg. i love the result and yes the implants are the "right" size for me. my doctor did say that the bigger size would be too big. although i love the outer implant im still undecive of the inner one. what i do like about the inner one is the width but not the acual length of the implant. i found the bigger one was longer and went down the leg a little more. is there any risk in having revision? and are doctors more than happy to do this at no cst?

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Calf Implants; Unsure of the Asymmetry?


I think that calf implants should mirror the natural muscle bulk. As such they should extend to encompass the muscle borders. It is difficult to say what should be done in your case without an exam.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Calf Augment Revision


There is always risk with any surgery, and revisions carry greater risk. If you are really unhappy about the result, discuss this with your surgeon. If your concerns are reasonable he or she will usually be willing to try to take care of the problem. I usually do not charge for any revision of my own surgery, but there is usually some cost for facility and anesthesia.

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