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What Layer of Skin Does EMatrix Target?

A recent answer on RS said eMatrix disperses energy under the skin & is not absorbed by melanocytes. I'm confused about what UNDER THE SKIN means. eMatrix minimally targets about 5% of the epidermis where melanocytes are located. I'm assuming most of the energy targets the dermis to stimulate collagen - which is a similar concept to non-ablative lasers, correct? My main question is - What prevents the eMatrix energy from reaching the hypodermis/fat layer?

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Depends on the passes, and level of treatment

in theory this treatment is called 'sublative', namely it should, in theory spare the upper layers of the skin and treat the dermal layer with energy called RF or radiofrequency. 

Now, it gets more complicated than this, because at higher treatment levels eg 80-100 mj per pin there is significant disruption of the upper layers (epidermis) and if you overlap or double pass, it can increase the epidermal coverage. So, so answer your question, in single pass medium level treatments, the idea is to SPARE the epidermis, and TARGET the dermis- where you want max scar remodelling or collagen stimulation

Dr Davin S. Lim
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