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Should You Have Buttons on Your Teeth if Your Invisalign Trays Have Them?

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Dimples in your aligners usually have corresponding attachments

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By design, your aligners may have dimples or bubbles on the outsides surfaces of some teeth.  Corresponding "attachments" are most usually added to the surfaces of your teeth to "grip" the tooth more effectively and if any of these attachments come off, you should contact your provider right away.  That said....there are built-in "bubbles" on the inside of the upper front teeth (called "bite ramps") that do not have corresponding attachments and there are other small dimples and ridges that are not filled either (power ridges and pressure spots).  It is the prerogative of the provider to place the attachments according to how the treatment is progressing.  Therefore, he may have asked for an attachment in the Clincheck just in case he wanted something extra if needed...but check with your doctor just to be sure. 

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