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Will Butt implants effect my ability to do sit ups? (photo)

My job requires me to exercise regularly. have to to a fitness test every six months and Sit ups are one of the areas. Will Butt implants effect my ability to do sit ups and other hard core work outs? I cant see living without exercise.

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Will Butt implants affect my ability to do sit ups?

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   After two months, a return to physical activity is reasonable and situps can be performed.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA


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Dear Matt3lynn,

Why would you EVER want to mess with that body??? In direct answer to your question... No, buttock implants should not effect your ability to do sit-ups. However, EVERY surgical procedure has risks, especially gluteal implants. I personally would counsel you against having any surgery on that body.

Buttock Implants and Exercise

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Once you have adequately recovered (6 to 8 weeks after surgery) you will be able to return to all physical activities. Having buttock implants does not preclude doing situps later.

Exercise after buttock implants

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Most of my patients too are physically active and exercise regularly. I allow my patients to resume full activity and any type of exercise (including sit-ups) 6 weeks after buttock implant surgery. Glad to help.

Ryan Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Gluteal implants do not interfere with exercise

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after gluteal implants, I do not recommend working out for at least 6-8 weeks. After that, the implants should not interfere with any types of workout.

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