Butt Very Hard After Brazilian Butt Lift

Hello, I am close to one month post op. I have gone down in size dramatically in these four weeks. I am still loving my results. However, in my right butt cheek on the upper right side, somewhat near the injection site, is very hard! Is this normal or am I experiencing fat necrosis? SHould I massage the area or leave it alone. I am getting very worried about this hard spot.

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Possible Fat Necrosis.....

It's still too early to tell if it is fat necrosis, swollen fat, scar tissue, seroma, hematoma, etc.  As long as it is not an infection, there is no need to worry and no urgency to do anything.  Be patient and allow more time for healing and go see your surgeon. Hopefully it will just soften and go away with time.
Good Luck
Dr Markmann

Firmness in the buttock after a brazilian buttock lift

If you have firmness in one side one month after fat transfer to the buttock surgery, it is too early to determine if this is fat necrosis. I would allow a few more weeks/months to pass before becoming too concerned with this-it's fairly normal in the early recovery period. If this worsens or persists, then I would contact your plastic surgeon to make sure there isn't a fluid collection (seroma) or possible area of fat necrosis that could need surgical intervention.

Communicate your concerns with your surgeon if this area does not improve over time.

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Dr. Bruno

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