Butt Fat Augmentation

hi, if i were to liposuction my banana rolls cum saddle bags and have them injected into my butt to make them look perkier, will the injected fats sag as there is now decreased structural support beneath the butt? how do we correct a slightly saggy butt without surgery? will wearing support tights at night help?

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Saggy buttock correction without surgery

Unfortunately, there's no simple way to correct a saggy buttock without surgery.  You can work out and use spanks and hike it up, but it may still be lower and not shaped like you'd like.  If you're ready to commit to a buttock aug where most of the fat is used to reshape your contours then consult a plastic surgeon.  If you're looking into a non invasive option, the gymnasium and diet restrictions are your best bet. 

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Fat Grafting to the Buttock - Addition/Subtraction - Beware of Banana Boat

Sagging is often due to a combination of loose skin and loss of volume.  With a sagging buttock it is always a best first consideration to add volume to the entire buttock to fill up the sagging skin (very similar principle to the breast with implants)  .  Lateral trochanteric fat "saddle bags" are good areas to suction fat,  but the "banana boat" area around the inferior-lateral portion of the buttock is often not excess fat but loose skin-  and a dangerous area to have suctioned too much or at all.

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