Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

I currently am deciding on whether or not to have a bbl. But I want to exercise more to 1 be a good candidate for the procedure & 2 b in shape as well. If I go through with the bbl can I do butt exercises to increase shape without loosing fat in the buttocks?

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Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

Hello, and thank you for reaching out to us.

A healthy lifestyle is always encouraged and welcomed. This does not however ensure that you will retain more or less fat cells.

In my patients, they can expect between 60-80% of the fat to survive. The survival rate depends both on the genetics of your body and the skill of the surgeon. Post surgery, you should follow the plan laid out to you by your surgeon, and avoid putting pressure on your backside (sitting) when possible.

My recommendation is that you find an ASPS board certified surgeon in your area who specializes in the BBL, and set up an in person consult. An in person consult with an an ASPS board certified surgeon is the only way to determine the best route for your body and your goals.

It is all about designing the perfect plan for You.

Good luck, please let us know how it goes.

-Dr. Constantino Mendieta

Exercising will help tone muscles.

Exercising can help tone the muscles in the buttocks, which will give it a firmer and more lifted shape, squats and lunges done correctly will increase the size of the glutes, and by extension increase the size of the of the buttocks. This may not give the shape, size, or speed of the result desired, but exercises do help. I advise all my patients to perform these exercises, after the procedure. 
In regard to being a good candidate for a butt lift, this procedure is only limited by the amount of excess fat that can be removed from the body and injected into the buttocks. Your doctor will be able to assess whether your body has a sufficient amount of excess fat that would be necessary for this procedure.

Exercise Impacts Buttock Contour

It’s not unusual for patients to be eager to resume normal exercise routines following brazilian butt lift surgery.It’s also not unusual for them to be concerned about how exercise will affect the results of this procedure.
In most cases we recommend that patients avoid strenuous activity for at least eight weeks following surgery.Exercise can impact the results of brazilian butt lift surgery in two significant ways.In some cases, exercise can lead to enlargement of the buttock muscles.This can have a positive affect by improving the contour and muscle tone of the buttock area.In other cases, exercise can result in generalized weight loss. This weight loss is typically proportionate to the weight loss in the surrounding areas.This will ultimately have minimal impact on the contour and aesthetics of the buttock area.
If you have concerns about the impact of exercise on brazilian butt lift surgery, consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is appropriate. This surgeon should be able to discuss how exercise impacts this procedure and alleviate your concerns.

Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

Butt exercises might help you tighten the gluteal muscles and maybe increase their size a little bit depending on what kind of exercises (isometric or isovolumic) you do and on how vigorously you do them. They will not get you to the volume and shape you get with a BBL. Also perfoming butt exercises after a BBL should not affect your BBL results as long as your metabolism remain stable and you do not loose weight.


Shady Hayek, M.D.

Beirut, Lebanon

Shady Hayek, MD
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Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size? #BBL #exercise

A healthy lifestyle with exercise and nutrition is always encouraged.  The various exercises to increase the size of your butt may help out some to enlarge the muscles, yet it does not contour your shape.  You can be in great physical shape yet have a relatively poor buttock contour.  So the answer is yes, please exercise and give it a chance to see if your enlarged buttock will suffice.  If not then the Brazilian Buttock Lift would assist in providing shape and size to not only your buttock, but to your overall body contours.

Will Butt Exercises Increase my Butt Size?

It will shape you up but for volume you need fat transfer. Seek a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of these procedures, has great reviews and photos, and is an expert in this field.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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Butt exercise after BBL

There is no problem doing butt exercises after a BBL. Exercising after BBL will only enhance the shape of your buttocks and will not harm the results of the fat transfer. Buttocks exercise will tone and firm the muscles helping improve buttocks shape and lifting the overlying fat and skin. 

Stanley Castor, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Will buttock exercises help me with brazilian butt lift

It is always a good idea to exercise. You will have better shape and a larger musculature will allow us to have a larger site for fat injection

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Can buttock exercises increase the buttock size?

There is a misconception on the part of some patients, which is often perpetuated by trainers, that buttock exercises will lead to largeg buttocks. This is not true. What is missing in small buttocks is fat and not muscle. That is why fat transplantation is the ideal form of correction. Muscle exercises may help tone up the muscles but will not lead to any real changes. Therefore, you don't have to do any exercises prior to your surgery. And postoperatively you can exercise as much as you want after the initial healing period( 6 weeks) without any significant impact on your surgery.

George Lefkovits, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock exercises

 Buttock exercises can dramatically enlarge, tighten, lift and define the buttocks. Just look at professional ballet dancers, ice skaters, gymnasts and weight lifters.

Muscle enlargement varies from person to person. Some people are born with muscles that don't respond to exercise.

Besides few of us will be  professional athletes. That is why we have surgery.

But buttock muscles carry lots of oxygen and the more developed your buttock muscles are before any surgery - the more likely you are to heal fast and have a good result.

Hope this helps!




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