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Butt Augmentation for $3,800?

Where can I get a Butt augmentation done for $3800?

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Butt Augmentation Price

It's probably not a good idea to choose a surgeon based on price alone. Surgery is a serious issue that can result in a disastrous outcome when performed by an inexperienced and ill-reputed surgeon. It's best to look for a surgeon who is experienced, board certified and who you can trust. Your surgical outcome will be far more satisfying this way.

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Butt Augmentation


You should not be shopping around for the best deal. I urge and warn against this idea of finding the least expensive plastic surgeon or even surgeon out there to perform your surgery.

You will pay in the long run, whether it is financially or physically or mentally. You are not looking for a car where you can shop around at different dealers and get the cheapest rate and get the same car.

Plastic surgery does not work this way, you get what you pay for. Different surgeons are different. So if one charges less than another, now I am not talking about few hundred dollars here and there, it is generally for a reason. Now there are some that charge outrageous prices for their procedures but in general you do not want to go to the cheapest guy around when it comes to cosmetic procedure.

Just some word of advice

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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