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I Bumped my Nose After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I had Rhinoplasty 4 months ago, first time i had an elbow to my nose 2 weeks post op my nose did bleed & got swollen, it didn't affect the shape of my nose. I started to pick up my sport 3 months post op, which is muay thai (thaiboxing). I've been very protective of my nose but I still got hit 3 times till now on my nose. Not very hard but my nose is still sensitive so I feel it but it doesn't hurt. Will this affect the shape of my nose?? Is it likely for a nose to create a bump 4 mnths post op?

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Post Rhinoplasty Bump


Any trauma to your nose post op can effect your result. Obviously it depends on the extent of the "blow". Participating in a contact sport after a rhinoplasty is a personal choice on your part but would be discouraged by most surgeons that soon afterwards. A bump does not develop on a nose post op unless something happened to the nose that would cause it, such as trauma. I would take a break from your thai and let your nose recover.

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