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Bumped my Head at 15th Day Postop Hair Transplant at Iron's Door Corner and It Started to Bleed. Have Any I Lost Any Grafts?

I had hair transplant 14 days is 15 th day post i accidently bumped my head at iron's door corner.i had a small cut and it started bleeding .i have undergone 2000 grafts surgery for lowering hairline.i have a broad forehead.i am 26 year old female.Have i lost any graft from the area where i had cut and it started bleeding.If yes, how many grafts had i lost from that area.Please reply soon as i am really worried..picture attached

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Trauma post hair transplant

Without the picture you stayed was attached, it would be difficult to comment other than to state that grafts are hard to remove after 5-6 days. 

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