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Bump on the Bridge of my Nose 10 Months After Rhinoplasty?

It had been 10 months since my 1st rhinoplasty surgery… and the tip of my knows still looks round and uneven one side looks fine and shows definition and the other side just looks round also I have a bump in the middle bridge part of my nose that was never there before and I’m stressing out because my doctor says she doesn’t care how it feels only what you can see and to wait and see if the bump goes away but I feel the bump is only getting worse and upset idk what to do.

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Bump on nose 10 months post-rhinoplasty

At this point, I suspect the bump will not resolve on its own. Ask your doctor about steroid injections to lessen the bump, as it's most likely scar tissue. I suggest waiting a bit longer before considering a revision, as the tip may get better definition. 

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Bump on Nose After Rhinoplasty #nostjob

That is a long time out to have a residual bump. The things you describe are things you should have your initial surgeon or a second opinion surgeon look at. I always feel that a patient should give their original surgeon the chance to make things right if you are concerned about certain issues. I won't revise a nose for about one year in 99% of situations, but sometimes you can go back sooner for minor alterations. Understand that you may still have to pay for an anesthesia and facility fee if you need more surgery. It will be up to you and your surgeon how to handle other fees. It is so important that you understand this because may patients expect it will not cost to proceed with additional changes and more than not it does. So these need to be changes you want really badly. In some situations things can be done in the office if they are minor.

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Multiple Problems 10 Months after Rhinoplasty

Your nose will not change significantly 10  months after surgery. On the basis of your description I suggest that you talk to your surgeon about a revision. If not satisfied get a second opinion from a revision rhinoplasty specialist.

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Rhinoplasty post op with bump.

At 10 months and getting worse you will need a revision. Choose an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon 

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Bump on Bridge of Nose after 10 Months

   If the bump is visible it may be reasonable to wait a year, particularly if it is a very small bump.  If the bump is only palpable, then the best thing to do is leave it alone.  There can be some irregularities after rhinoplasty that a patient can feel, but the same can be said of many patients who have not had rhinoplasty.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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