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Why is There Still a Bump on the Bridge of my Nose?

I had septo-rhinoplasty and turbinate reduction almost 2 weeks ago for medical reasons. I had a large bump on my nose due to breaking it, which the surgeon said he would take away. I had my splint off 3 days ago and there is still a small bony prominence on the bridge of my nose, and the left side of my nose feels like it comes out more. Is this due to swelling or simply that he hasn't taken all of the bump away? pictures attached

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Dorsal reduction

I agree with most comments that one must wait several months to determine final results from a rhinoplasty.  An open rhinoplasty will suffer swelling form much longer.  Nonetheless, you and your doctor agree that the swelling has subsided, it may be that further dorsal reduction may improve your final result. 

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Rhinoplasty Results

It is not unusual to have swelling in the early post-operative period. It takes four to six months for you to see the ultimate result from rhinoplasty surgery. It is important to have patience and to continue to consult with your physician.

Michael Sullivan, MD
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Small bump after rhinoplasty

A small bump after a rhinoplasty is very common early on.  This usually occurs as a result of swelling of tissue specifically in the area of hump reduction.  The swelling should continue to improve with time but may persist for as long as 3 months after the surgery.  Two weeks out is too early to worry about the small bump.  Be patient and give it some more time. 

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Too Early to See Your Results

It takes months for the swelling to subside and see the final results from a rhinoplasty procedure.  Often times when a hump is taken down, especially with a rasp (ie file), there can be swelling on the covering of the bone that looks like a hump. Time and/or in some instances a steroid injection can help resolve this.  Be patient and speak to your surgeon about your concerns.

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Rhinoplasty - bump after 2 weeks

From your profile picture, I don't see a noticeable bump.  But I don't know how much of your dorsum you and your surgeon decided to take down.  Regardless, 2 weeks is too soon to tell what your final nasal shape will be.  It takes 3-4 mo for all the swelling to go down so I'd be patient.  Regardless, if you have any concerns, you should definitely talk to your rhinoplasty surgeon. I'm sure he or she will be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

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Bump on the nose a few weeks after rhinoplasty.

Bump on the nose a few weeks after rhinoplasty is normal and should go away in 6- 12 months. If not it can be filed down at that time.

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Small bump after rhinoplasty

Taking down a bump especially if it was where a break was can sometimes be difficult and imcomplete, but it is a bit early to see the final result.  Give it a few months.

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Bump after Rhinoplasty

Close-up before and after photographs can be very helpful to give you more specific advice.  That being said, a small prominence on the bridge is not unusual this soon after surgery.  Two weeks is too early to worry.  I would recommend you schedule a visit with your surgeon.

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