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Is the EMax by Syneron Same As Ematrix?

I used to do Ematrix last year, I thought it was an authentic one with the screen on the machine and I paid 500 euro per 200 shots. Recently, I want to do another Ematrix then I went to the another clinic with they showed me the different machine which written "EMAX" on them. It's four guns. They claimed that they can use "Ematrix" with this machine as well. I would like to know if it's correct? Thank you.

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EMax vs eMatrix

I use Syneron machines and have for about 12 years and boy are the names and versions confusing, so I absolutely understand your question! The machines themselves can have different treatment heads and the software on the machines is updated to support each treatment head independently. While each machine may have anywhere between 1-4 heads on it at any time, it must have the appropriate software in order for each of the heads to work. So, it really doesn't matter if it's the eMatrix or eMax machine itself, it matters which treatment head is being used on it (SR, SRA, DS, eMatrix, etc.) and that the machine has the right software uploaded into it to run it. Basically, the machine is just the device that runs the treatment heads, so the name on that, doesn't really matter - the treatment head does!

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