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Brusing After Prevelle or Tyndall Effect?

Hi, I had prevelle silk injected into the tear trough areas under my eyes, and it has only been two days since, the doctor said that I would have some brusing, but I feel like the brusing just keeps getting worse. The immediate results looked really good, but now I feel like a zombie because under my eyes is SO much darker now, the tear trough does look better but I'm wondering how I can tell if this is just brusing because of the injection or am I getting the tyndall effect?

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Bruising after Prevelle

  Certainly, this could be bruising from the procedure itself.  Or it could be a Tyndall effect, just as you considered.  I think it will be hard for a trained professional, even with a Woods' light to be sure.  Just give it a week or so and then you will have a better idea.

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Darkness under eyes after fillers

Darkness under your eyes might not be the Tyndall effect.  it can be bruising or hyperpigmentation.  A dermatologist might be able to use a Wood's light to help ascertain of which origin is your darkness.Vitamin K creams can help bruising fade quicker, lightening creams can help pigmentation and hyaluronidase can diminish the filler and the Tyndall effect.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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