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Juv Ult Plus 14 days ago: Do I have a bruise, broken capillaries, skin stain from injection or tyndall? (Photo)

"Outlined" area shaped like apostrophe on left cheek. Slightly blueish/greyish in linear/circle pattern. At 2 of the injection sites. Got swollen masses on either side of my lines and puffy into upper lip side areas. Look 10 years older. Tiny bruising resolved but these spots have not changed since. Today new Dr injected tiny amt of hyaluronidase into "poofs" on upper lip to hopefully reduce Juv. But 6 hrs-post these spots remain same. HD wasn't directly into that area, but massaged nearby.

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Tyndall effect

When HA filler is injected too high in the dermis, it causes this bluish discoloration. My favorite remedy is to use a lancet and gently milk the HA out. That resolves it better than hyaluronidase.

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