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Brow transplant/latisse: risks? (photo)

I have very thin brows having overplucked them. Please tell me from looking at the photo what the best approach would be to restore them. Should I go right for a brow transplant or try latisse. I hear it is being used off label with great results. My only concern is the stories I've heard of skin discoloration. If it happens and I stop as soon as I notice it, will it go away?

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Latisse to brows


Latisse works on the brows but as you noted this is an off-label use of the product. In order for Latisse to work anywhere, you need to have active hair follicles that are capable of growing hair. Trying a bottle of Latisse on your overplucked brows is going to be a great deal easier than undergoing surgical transplants, so I'd think you might want to try that first.

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