Brow Bone Shaving/reduction Question

I have a (bit) of prominent eyebrow ridge which I might want to get rit of ( the too much part of it). I know the CT scan story. I also might consider 1-3 fractional co2 laser treatments. Do I have to get this before browbone reduction, or after? Or does the way of order doesnt make (that) much of a difference? Is there any risk because of the skin tissue? Is there anything else which I have to be aware of related to these 2 treatments (c02 laser and brow bone red.) in relation of each other?

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Brow bone reduction.


The laser is for wrinkles and should come after the brow bone reduction if it is even needed. I have done brow bone reduction for 35 years and I have never had a complication with this surgery. The Irregular Trichophytic incision would be best as the hairline can be lowered or kept the same and a forehead lift can be done if needed at the same time.

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