Corrective Surgery and Rhinoplasty for my Broken Sinus Cavity?

I recently broke my sinus cavity and it has resulted to constant sinus infections. My surgeon (who is a top plastic surgeon) says he can fix this while also giving me a cosmetic Rhinoplasty. How does he do this? Is this done often? Could you give me more helpful information about this "dual" procedure?

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Sinus surgery and rhinoplasty at the same time

Many surgeons perform sinus surgery and rhinoplasty at the same time.  If you "broke your sinus cavity", then you may have also suffered a LeFort fracture (fracture of the maxillary bone), a trimalar fracture (fracture of the zygoma bone), ethmoid fracture, and/or frontal fracture.   A CT scan would have been required to decide the nature of the injury, and the correct surgery.  Constant sinus infections after an injury are rare, so it might only feel like you have a sinus infection.  If that is the case, then a septorhinoplasty may be enough to give you relief and improvement.  If you indeed fractured a portion of the sinus cavity, then your surgeons either must have specific expertise in correction sinus problems, or work with a second surgeon with that expertise.  Hope that helps!

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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty and Sinus Surgery

Yes. You can have both sinus surgery and rhinoplasty performed at the same time. Sinus surgery can correct blockage of sinus drainage system. It is performed using endoscopes and there are no external incisions required.

Polyps, cysts and blockages can be removed during sinus surgery. Chronic sinus infection can be troublesome and either fractured sinus, fractured septum or fractured sinus architecture can cause recurrent or persistent sinusitis.

Both procedures of rhinoplasty and sinus surgery Can be successfully performed by a surgeon that is  trained in Otolaryngology, head and neck surgery as well as plastic surgery. There are few of us that are trained and are triple board certified in all three disciplines of Otolaryngology, facial plastic surgery as well as plastic surgery.

Hope this is helpful.

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Second opinion

The septum may or may not have anything to do with your sinus (maxillary?) infection.

I would recommend that you get the opinion of an ENT surgeon for a complete perspective, and possible other options.



Get a CT scan, may need ENT

You need to be sure you can see where the fracture is first.  It sounds like the fracture is in the drainage pathway for it to be causing sinus infections.  Therefore you should have a CT scan of the sinuses to make sure the opening to the sinus isn't also fractured or closed, because if it is a plastic surgeon cannot fix this you need a board-certified ENT.

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Make sure you truly have sinus infections

Unless you had previous inflammatory sinusitis, it is very uncommon for facial trauma to lead to recurrent sinusitis.  The most common problem that is frequently misinterpreted as sinus infection after facial trauma is a neuralgia (inflammation of the nerve) that results in recurrent facial pain.  If you have this, surgery will not make it better and may in fact worsen your symptoms.

As to the specific issue of whether rhinoplasty and sinus surgery can be done together, there are a number of good reviews which show excellent results.

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Concurrent endoscopic sinus surgery and rhinoplasty

We wrote a paper on this topic and the short answer is yes, you can perform endoscopic sinus surgery (to improve breathing and improve the drainage of your sinuses) and rhinoplasty (change the appearance of your nose) simultaneously.

As far your "broken sinus" I'm not clear.  Did you get a CT scan?  Is your "plastic surgeon" an otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) too?  The ideal person to treat you is a surgeon double board certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery and/or plastic surgery. 

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Sinus surgery and rhinoplasty

 Did you see the plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty or sinus infection.? First you have to figure out what is your main concern ? If you have chronic sinus infection needing extensive sinus surgery I would not recommend cosmetic rhinoplasty with that . It is possible but the healing will be prolonged and the risks for complications are higher.. You should have your medical problem(Broken sinus with infection) fixed first.

Zain Kadri, MD
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Sinus Surgery combined with Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Yes, sinus surgery is commonly combined with rhinoplasty. Sinus surgery is typically performed with endoscopic cameras without external incisions. Sinus surgery opens and drains the sinuses, removing any blockage, chronic infection, or polyps. A broken sinus cavity from trauma may result in a  chronic sinus condition, which sinus surgery may help. Corrective nasal surgery can be many things, largely dependent on your nasal anatomy and personal goals. Only after a comprehensive evaluation by a specialist can he/she determine appropriate options for you.

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Sinus surgery and rhinoplasty is possible at the same time

Sinus surgery and rhinoplasty during the same procedure is performed quite often. Unfortunately, I am not sure what your surgeon means by a 'broken sinus'. This can refer to many conditions with several varied treatments. A plastic surgeon is not generally trained in endoscopic sinus surgery and a combined procedure with an ears, nose, and throat surgeon would be necessary to obtain optimal sinus results. If your surgeon did not provide adequate explanation, I would suggest visiting a facial plastic surgeon. Most facial plastic surgeons will have an ENT background and be well versed in sinus surgery, facial fracture repair, and cosmetic and function rhinoplasty.

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Sinus surgery and a rhinoplasty can be performed at the same time

Sinus surgery and a rhinoplasty can be performed at the same time without any difficulty. Chronic sinus infections are caused by allergic nasal polyps located in the internal portion of the sinuses. It is these polyps that create repetitive sinus infections and is addressed through functional endoscopic sinus surgery whereby the polyps are removed. The fractured sinus cavity could be repaired at the same time. The rhinoplasty is performed on the external portion of the cartilage structures of the nose and is unrelated to any sinus issues.For more information on both sinus surgery and cosmetic rhinoplasty, please see the link below

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