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I Broke my Nose Playing Baseball About 7-8 Years Ago. What Would Be Considered the Optimal Procedure?

In 2006 I was struck in nose by a baseball. I didn't seek treatment. It wasn't until about 4-5 years later that I noticed how crooked my nose was. Even though I do breathe easier out of my left nostril than I can my right, I would like this procedure entirely for cosmetic reasons. I totally hate the way my nose is crooked and would like it to be perfectly straight again. What procedure would be recommended to fix my nose? and how difficult of a fix would it be to straighten my crooked nose?

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Injured and broken nose


 Once the nose becomes fractured  it can be straightened back to its normal pre-injury state. This will involve osteotomies and possibly a spreader graft on the concave side. Also important to address any fracture of the septum that occurred creating a deviated septum and nasal obstruction on the affected side. Please see the link below for examples of how  we have addressed the crooked nose in our practice

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