Broke my Nose in Basketball. What Do I Do?

So i had a normal nose that i loved until i got hit in the nose with a basketball couple of years ago that's when i got a bump on my nose and as time went on it just got worst. Then just like 7 months ago i got elbowed while playing basketball and my nose has been crooked to the left side since then. I'm 15 and i don't know what the options for me are. Also i was wondering how much would fixing my nose back to its normal state would cost and will insurance cover this cost.

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Broken noses and even old breaks with humps can be fixed

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The most important issue is timing of nasal surgery after two traumas. 15 is a little young for a boy to have surgery on his nose, but OK for a girl since girls hit their growth spurt a little earlier. A very important issue is if you will still be playing a lot of basketball. Once fixed noses are as strong or almost as strong as before surgery but if you break it again it's a lot harder to put back together.

As for cost, they range from $4000 and up depending on how much needs to be done. As for insurance, that depends on your plan, if you also have a deviated septum and if it can be proven that the recent break altered your nose.

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