Had Breast Implants 22 years Ago - do I Need to Worry?

I had saline breast implants 22 years ago. I have regular mammograms but do I need to worry about removing them or some kind of toxicity if left in too long?

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Breast Implants from 22 years ago


Thank you for your question. If saline, and they have lasted that long, enjoy them. You don’t have to worry about toxicity but the longer you wait usually the more scar tissue you can develop. I would go to a center that does a lot of revision surgeries or secondary surgeries in breast to have them evaluated. I hope this helps.

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Saline Breast Implants after 22 Years


    Saline breast implants after 22 years do not need to be removed if there are no problems with your breasts or your breast implants.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Web reference: http://www.hughesplasticsurgery.com

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Breast implants


If you do not have problems with your implants, then there is no need to have anything done.  Good luck.

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Do I need to remove my 22 year old implants?


The simple answer is...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


If your breasts are soft, symmetric, and you are happy with their overall appearance, there is no reason to remove these implants.  However, given how much more natural a result you can generally attain with silicone gel implants I would consider switching if you are looking for the most natural appearance possible.  


I hope that helps!

Web reference: http://www.beautybybuford.com/breast/revision-denver-co/

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Had Breast Implants 22 years Ago - do I Need to Worry?


If you  are not having any clinical problems, there is no need to tamper with these implants. It is nice to hear from patients whose implants have been in for so long without any issues.

All the best.

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