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Will my Breasts Sag After Implant Removal?

Some basic stats about me: 25, Asian, slender, 5ft8 58kg, silicon implant 230cc for 1&half years. Now looking to have them removed. Pre op I was 32B (or A), post op I'm 32D. Implant was done under muscle. So far they look natural and no complications. Doctors I need your expertise on what should I expect realistically? I want my natural figure bk regardless how small the breasts are. It's just not me having them in. But I don't want a lift. Don't want any more surgery...

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Breast implant removal myths


With simple breast implant removal, you can be fairly assured that your breasts will return to the size and appearance they would have had 1 1/2 years later if the implants hadn't been there aside from the scar to put them in. Assuming the breasts were not distorted by the procedure to put the implants in they should have had no effect on the size and shape of the breast. They act like a pillow. 

It amazes me that experience plastic surgeons believe certain myths about breast implants. Breast implants do not lift the breast when they are put in and they don't make the breast sag when they are taken out. They also don't make breasts sag because of their size or location or type. It's an illusion that breasts look lifted after an augmentation and it's an illusion that they sag because the implants are taken out. Breasts sag for other reasons and might need a lift several years later after implants but might need a lift then but not because of the implant. 

There is no need to do anything other than reopening the incision (if it's in the inframammary crease), remove the implant, and close the incision which can be done with simple local anesthesia. It's harder if the implant was placed through some other incision or the type of implant is not known. 

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Breasts can regain normal shape after implant removal.

When I was in training we were taught that removing implants required an immediate breast lift for a pretty result. Early in my practice, I had a patient who wanted no additional surgery only implant removal. I was very concerned that her breasts would be very unattractive but she was more concerned about recovering as quickly as possible than about appearances. I removed the implants and was amazed to see that within weeks her breasts regained a nice shape. Not all patients are appropriate for this treatment plan but if your breasts were small and not droopy before augmentation and the implants were small you are likely to have a nice result without a lift. It may take a month for things to shape up so you have to have patience. Also know that if you end up with a shape you don't like, a lift can be done later with probably smaller incisions than if the lift were done at the same time as the implant removal.

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Removing breast implants


It's hard to say without actually seeing you, but you may be able to get away without need a lift.  It all depends on how much your tissues have stretched with the implants.

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Most likely will not need lift


Without pictures, it is hard to know for sure, but if your nipples are well positioned near the center of your breast mound, you probably will not need a lift.  Good luck.

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AMount of sag with breast implant removal (explantation)


Given the relatively modest size of the implants and the relatively short time they have been in, I believe you will experience minor loss of upper fullness but shoul dnot need a lift.

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Breast lift not required after implant removals


With your description, it is very possible that you will have your original figure back after the implants are removed.  This is based on the fact that you are young and still can count on adequate elastin in your skin.  You also did not have huge implants over a long period of years for gravity to pull on.  There are several non-surgical options available to assist in your recovery after the implant removal that can help firm the loose skin.

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Breast implant removal


It is difficult to say what the final shape of the breasts will be after implant removal.  They may look ok and they may not.  But, you can always have a lift at a later time.

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Breast implant removal: to lift or not


I come across this question in my clinic.  What I tell nearly everyone is that they will not like the shape of their breast after removing the implant.  However with some time the skin will contract.  Given that you are young, not overweight and only had 230 cc implants, I think there is an excellent chance that over three months your breasts will develop a nice shape.  I often suggest the use of a shaped bra to support the skin as it contracts.

If you don't love the shape of your breasts at 3-4 months you may wish to consider a small fat transfer to the breast.  The results can be beautiful and feel natural without any further scars.   

I suggest you discuss this with your surgeon before committing to the scars of a mastopexy as they may not be required.  You should also go over the pros and cons of fat grafting to the breast in detail.

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Breast Shape after Breast Implant Removal


It seems that you have though about having your breasts implants removed for a while and feel that although you are satisfied with the appearance, that your reason for having them removed is that they  feel hard. 

While it is true that the skin can contract significantly, removal of the breast implants may result in a sagging breast in some cases depending primarily upon the elasticity of the breast skin envelope.

While it not possible to fully predict the outcome, a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will allow for you to be evaluated and will provide you with an expert opinion by someone who has examined you. 



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Breast implant removal


What your breasts will look like after explantation  depends on several factors such as: the quality of skin elasticity (the better the elasticity the better the skin will bounce back),  the size of the implants used (the larger the implant the more trouble you may have with redundant skin), and the amount of breast tissue present at this time (which may have changed since the time of your breast augmentation).
Life experience since your breast augmentation procedure, such as pregnancy or weight gain weight loss, will  potentially influence the factors discussed above. If you take these factors into consideration and apply them  to your specific circumstances you may get a good idea of what to expect after the implants are removed.

Occasionally, I see patients who just want the implants removed because they don't want the implants "to be a part of them" anymore.  Make sure you think about this and that this is the right thing for you.  It's difficult to say if you need a lift after removal -- no one will know exactly what your breasts will look like after the implants are removed until it is done.  Talk to a well-trained and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon and get good advice.

Best wishes.

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