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Breasts Pointing Outwards After Breast Reduction?

I was shown a picture of one of his patients immediately after her operation with the bandages and everything. Either way, I asked him why her breasts were pointing outwards and he said "breast should be projecting and pointing outwards after surgery". My dad (wrks wth him) totally trusts this surgeonbut Is what he said true? Will the breasts start moving closer in as the healing progresses? I couldn't judge since the girl just finishedher op but Idont my breast to point outwards.

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Healing after a reduction mammaplasty


takes time and patience.  You should allow yourself to heal before critiquing the results.  I assume your doctor has a lot of experience and good judgment and if so, you should anticipated a satisfactory outcome.  If it still isn't right to you, you should fee comfortable enough with your chosen surgeon to discuss your concerns with him and see if any solutions are available to resolve your concerns.  If you wish to get more opinions, photos do help considerably.


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