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Looks As Though One Breast It Too Far to the Left and Just "Stuck" There. 6 Months Post-op? (photo)

I am 20 yrs,105 lbs & 5'2. Was 34 AA now 300cc silicone gel submuscular. Went into it with slight asymetry and mild tubular breasts. My surgeon did what they call "constriction" to create a fold since i was so tight and small. After an air bubble under my skin went away, i noticed something happend along my skin on the cleavage area on the left side, were that bubble used to be. Is there anything that can be done? What do you think is wrong.? My surgeon says my skin needs to relax. Thank you.

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Looks As Though One Breast It Too Far to the Left and Just "Stuck" There. 6 Months Post-op?

At 6 months your breasts will not change much and I think you will need, unfortunately, another surgery. Your one implant is too low and the other looks too high...tubular breasts are hard to correct and many times it take several operations to get things right. But I think both will need revision....

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Looks As Though One Breast It Too Far to the Left and Just "Stuck" There. 6 Months Post-

The after photos can only tell half the story you need to post befores so we can determine the extent of the asymmetry in order to correct attempt to advise. Either way you will need further surgery Sorry. Seek a few in person opinions from boarded PSs in your area. 

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Breast Asymmetry (photos)

You indeed have significant asymmetry, and it is not unusual for such problems to require two or more procedures to achieve a satisfactory result.  You have asymmetry of the nipple level, the inframammary creases, and implant position.  Difficult to determine exactly what to do from photo alone because texture of each side and amount of available skin are important in this determination.  Your initial surgeon shuold develop a plan, and review with you so you understand what should be done, why, and the expected outcome and alternatives.

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