Teen Breast Reduction

I am 14 years old but my breasts have given me a lot of problems: back pain, shoulder pain, extremely bad posture etc. My breasts already sag like about 3 inches and I have been talking to my mom, and I'd really like to get a Breast reduction. I was wondering if I'm qualified, what are some of the downsides, method to be used, how much scarring could I expect, and how long is the healing time approximately in my case. Thank you.

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Teens and Breast Reduction


This first step was discussing your concern with your parents. Together you should seek the advice of an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Upon examination and consultation your surgeon will be able to discuss the benefits and the risks with you and your parents so that you will be educated enough to make an informed decision about when and if this is the right procedure for you. I have a few patients under the age of 18 who greatly benefited from a breast reduction. Every one of the has stated that they are able to be more active and all are less self conscience about the size of their breasts.  Best wishes!

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Breast Reduction Can Help, Even at a Young Age


While it is true that you may continue to grow, you may be well served with a breast reduction, sooner rather than later.

If you are having pain and your size is affecting you socially, you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Discuss with your parents and consult an expert.

Web reference: http://www.drzwiebel.com

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Juvenile Breast hypertrophy


I would disagree with most of the answers given.  It you are having back and shoulder pain already, I would look in your local area for a plastic surgeon willing to undertake your problem.  The biggest problem you face is that Juvenile hypertrophy of  has a tendency to continue to grow and you may have to repeat the surgery in a few  years.  I encourage to seek advice from a skilled surgeon.  You are 13 and this condition can persist into your mid twenties.  Why waste your youth and not participate in school activities for an 8 to 10 year period.

I have performed such an operation on over 8 patients who were under the age of 18.  They loved their result and one of the girls received a scholarship to play tennis at UCLA.  She would no have been able to this without the surgery.  When asked about the scars, her reply to men has always been "I had to much of a good thing."

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The breasts may continue to grow


Although it can be performed for girls at your age, the real question is that you may require an additional operation at a later date to correct further growth or sagging.

If you are considerably in pain and discomfort, you may benefit from the operation. However, it is very likely your breasts will continue to grow. Think seriously about the operation.

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How old do I have to be to have breast reduction surgery?


I recommends waiting until you are at least 18 years old and your body has finished developing to have any kind of cosmetic surgery. However, in a few rare cases, very large breasts which develop early can cause sever back problems and skeletal deformity. Under those circumstances breast reduction may be appropriate at a younger age to prevent life-long health problems.

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Teenage Breast Reduction Surgery: If Your Breasts Have Stopped Growing, You May Be a Very Likely Candidate for Surgery


Breast reduction is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures performed by a plastic surgeon.  Normally when a woman presents with request for a breast reduction she is suffering from problems with back, neck, and shoulder pain, and often irritation under the fold of the breast.  Breast reduction is very effective and predictable in alleviating these problems. When a teenager presents with a request for breast reduction, many things have to be taken into consideration.  The most important question is “have the breasts quit growing?”  It is ideal to know that the breasts have not changed in size for at least the last eight months.  If this fact is established, then it is unlikely that future growth will occur.  Although the procedure of breast reduction is very rewarding for most patients, complications can occur.  There will definitely be scarring of the breasts, there could be loss of feeling to the nipple, and it may impair future breastfeeding.  It is important that the teenager be mature enough to fully understand and comprehend these risks.  It's important to emphasize the potential scarring that may occur considering that the teenager still has all of the aspects associated with courtship ahead of her.  Many times, the teen has never had a breast exam performed.  It is best to first tell them exactly what is going to occur during the examination and evaluation to help put them at ease.  If the teenager has a significant problem with large breasts and demonstrates sufficient maturity, then a breast reduction can be a life changing experience.

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Early Breast Reduction for You May be Appropriate Due to Your Symptoms


Not only do you have large breasts at an early age, but you are already suffering from significant symptoms. I generally prefer to wait until the breasts have stopped growing before proceeding with breast reduction, but in your case, early intervention may be appropriate because of your symptoms.
I recommend consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Obviously your parents need to be involved in the process as well. Breast reduction has significant benefits and patients who undergo the procedure at an early age experience the benefits over a lifetime.
There are downsides as well. These include the potential inability to breast feed, prolonged healing, decreased nipple sensation, and scarring. In my experience, patients who undergo breast reduction at an early age not only experience relief of their symptoms, but also an improved quality of life.

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Teenage Plastic Surgery


Teenage plastic surgery (ages 13-17) comprises only 5% of all plastic surgery procedures.  The most common teenage plastic surgery is nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) followed by breast reduction, male and female, and then followed by ear reshaping (otoplasty).  Teenagers differ in their reasons for having surgery when compared to adults, they want to look the same or fit in with their peers.  Adults typically want to stand out or look different.  Teens also fear their physical defect will persist into adulthood and be ostracized or teased.

There are 3 criteria that need to be met for teenage plastic surgery:

  1. The teenager needs to initiate the request 
  2. The teenager needs realistic goals
  3. The teenager must be mature enough, not only physically but mentally

Some of the most dramatic life changing results can be seen in teenagers, literally taking a wall flower and letting her bloom.  The increase in self esteem and confidence can be phenomenal!

You seem to meet these requirements and I would encourage you to pursue the procedure.  Meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast procedures.

Good Luck!

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Teen Breast Reduction


First, you should seek the advice of a board certified Plastic Surgeon.  I think a woman of teenage years who has symptoms of macromastia ;that is, enlarged breasts with shoulder, neck, and back pain along with inframammary intertriginous dermatitis should have a breast reduction.

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Teen Breast Reduction


If a patient is symptomatic with large breasts I would consider operative intervention at a young age. These patients are miserable and after surgery they will be able to partake in sports and other activities without complaints.

Web reference: http://www.drvitenas.com/breast-reduction.html

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