I Had a Breast Reduction in March. My Right Breast Developed Necrosis

I have lost nipple, areola, and breast volume through debridement. The wound is still being packed twice a week but end of tunnel is in sight. Despite despreate fatigue and an emotional bashing I would like a reconstruction, but my surgeon is hesitant : why do you need a nipple' and 'you pose us a huge challenge'. I am on immne surpressants, have arthritis, stenosis and chronic uretecarea. What would the odds be of developing necrosis again after reconstructive surgery? Janny

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Necrosis after breast reduction


You should absolutely have a nipple reconstruction if you want one, but it is important (of course) to wait until you have healed completely and the scars are mature.

Nipple reconstruction is a very straightforward procedure and does not carry much of a risk, despite previous necrosis from your reduction.

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