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Breast Reduction and Lift. One Breast is More Bruised and Swollen Than The Other.

I'm hoping a little information will ease my mind. I had breast reduction/lift on my left breast and just a lift on my right 5 days ago. The right breast is healing beautifully but the left is having some issues I think. It's a holiday weekend and the Doctor is off. The left breast areola/nipple are much darker than the right and numb, there was a blister on the areola but it popped last night. It is much more bruised and swollen than the right but no pain. Appearance is not pleasant but no pain

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Breast Reduction and Lift. One Breast is More Bruised and Swollen Than The Other.

I hope you obtained medical care for this possible complication on your left breast. If not seek care ASAP. 

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Left and right are not the same.

a reduction is a different operation than a lift because of the movement of the nipple in the face of tissue removal.  the appearance of the areola and the blister signify low blood flow. this is not uncommon and should recover completely, but it does require attention to prevent worsening. so, holiday or no holiday you need to be seen.

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Breast Reduction - and Lift. One Breast is More Bruised and Swollen Than The Other.

Hi katiesblue,

It's not a holiday weekend any more, and you should call your PS.

Most likely, everything is fine.  It is common to have asymmetry with respect to swelling, bruising, and the entire recovery.  And even more so to have have more swelling on the side that had more work.  The fact that you have that is not necessarily a concern.

A darker areola with a blister, however, might be.  While even that is most likely fine, you should contact your surgeon or whomever is covering for your surgeon to have someone take a look at it.  Probably simple topical care will be adequate, but in the event that someone wants to do more or monitor it more carefully, they need to know what's going on.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Swelling/Bruising after Breast Reduction

Thank you for the question picture.

Some minor asymmetrical swelling/bruising is probably not of significant concern. However, if the swelling and/or bruising changes significantly then urgent evaluation may be necessary. The description of the left areola/nipple being “much darker” is also of concern and should be evaluated for blood flow compromise.

Best to be evaluated by your plastic surgeon ASAP.

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