With Breast Reduction is an Implant a Good Idea for Firmness & Shape?

I have heard from some women that they wish they had had implants at the same time as reduction surgery to improve the shape & firmness of the breast. I had implants 10 yrs ago, was very unhappy (asymmetrical, nipples pointing downward). Then i gained 40 lbs. what a mess. I did lose the weight, but tissue has fallen chest wall. When back to same Dr. re a reduction don't like him but booked reduction surgery for end of May. Asked for implants. Should I?

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Breast Reduction and Breast Implants?


I'm curious why you would book surgery with a surgeon you “don't like"?!?

One way to approach your situation is to undergo the breast reduction surgery and allow for healing to take place; evaluate the results of surgery approximately one year later. If you are not pleased with the “firmness and shape”,  especially the upper pole volume/wellness them breast implants can be used to accomplish your goals.

I would suggest that you pick your plastic surgeon carefully.

Best wishes.

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