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Breast Reduction from B to A Cup - Options, Cost and Scarring?

I am 21 years old and am uncomfortable with my breast size. I love their shape, but they feel too big for my body, and I constantly wear sports bras to hide their size and make them appear as small as possible. I have been considering a reduction to an A cup for several years, but am not sure what types of surgery would be available. Is there an option that leaves minimal scarring? What would the cost of a surgery like this be?

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Breast Reduction Candidate?


Thank you for the question and pictures.

There are times when it is best to avoid surgery;  based on the size and shape of your breasts  and considering the risks/scarring associated with breast reduction surgery I would suggest you avoid surgery at this time.

Best wishes.

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Options for Reducing Breast Size


It is unusual for a B size patient to request breast reduction.   A surgeon would need to be very convinced that it is in your best interest to reduce you to a true A size.   If your breasts are mostly fat, then you might be a candidate for liposuction of the breasts in order to avoid scarring.  Alternatively, at this size and if you have good contractile skin, a reduction could be done through an incision in the lower fold of your breast.  

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Reducing from B cup to A cup


My recommendation is to avoid any reduction for the following reasons: 1) liposuction which is the least invasive or least scarring method is likely to produce a flatter (deflated) look - See attached video link for example 2) a vertical breast lift/reduction will leave a "lollipop" scar on your breast.

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Reconsider/defer surgery!


Thanks for the photo.  Your breast shape is attractive: the nipple position is appropriate, the skin brassiere well matched to the volume and the symmetry excellent.  Any surgical modality, even liposuction isn't likely to yield a superior "a" cup.  Do consider modifying your wardrobe, as you are doing, before proceeding with surgery.  The pattern of scars for a full reduction surround the nipple-areolar complex, extend vertically down to the inframammary crease and horizontally in the fold, a variable distance. Costs are well documented on the RealSelf website. Your torso/chest proportions appear to be ideal.  Please reconsider.  Good luck.

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Breas Reduction may not be in your best interests


While breast reduction is a possibility, you will need to ensure if the benefits will outweigh the risks.  While a consultation and physical examination would confirm, your photo does not suggest a reduction would be warranted.

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Breast Reduction from B to A Cup


Thanks for the photo. I think you are being to picky. But these are the options: Liposuction, Scar lifting. Pretty simple you chose. I like the lipo. 

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You can reduce your breast size


The density of your breasts would probably require an excision of tissue that will leave a visible scar.  It could be around the outline of your areola, but doubtfully any smaller.  This would allow removal of adequate breast tissue to reduce your size to an "A" cup, and leave breast tissue intact with your nipple ducts and nerves.

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Reducing the breasts


You have a very nicely shaped breasts.  To reduce them to an "A" cup would be almost impossibe.  If the breasts are somewhat fatty and less glandular, sometimes liposuction can be performed, but it may make the skin envelope looser.

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Liposuction only breast reduction may work for going down one cup size.



1) Your breasts are attractive and do not look too big. You really, really need to be sure about your motivation. What makes you feel your breasts are too big? In what circumstances do they feel too big ?

2) IF you were to have surgery, the best approach may be liposuction only (scarless).

3) Total cost for liposuction only breast reduction in New York City is about $8000.

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Continue to Consider your Request


I would not recommend reduction at your age or your cup size.  The best recommendation I have is to schedule a couple consults with board certified plastic surgeons to have a complete exam and to discuss the pros and cons of surgery.

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