How Many Cup Sizes Can I Lose After 38DDD to C Breast Reduction?

I am a 38DDD... Will I be able to go down to a 38C (Like I was in high school)?

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Cup size after breast reduction

Yes, you can go down to a C cup with a breast reduction, but it may or may not look good on you. How small you can be is really not the question, because a surgeon can remove all of your breast tissue entirely. What really matters is how small you can be while maintaining a pleasing breast shape that is in proportion to your body. Your overall height and body shape influence how different breast sizes and shapes look on your body.

There are many factors your surgeon will take into account to give you a shape and size that suit your body. There is a balance to maintain in order to end up with nice looking breasts, and includes breast size, shape, cup volume, nipple position, symmetry, chest width, torso height, etc. If you are told an expected cup size after surgery, keep in mind that is only a guess. Most surgeons do not speak in terms of cup sizes because your cup size will vary based on what brand lingerie you buy. Also, when patients describe what cup size they want, they are not just referring to the breast volume they like, but the shape that they like when the breasts are in a bra.

When the breasts are reduced, the relative proportions of the breasts, stomach, hips, etc all change. It's not just the breasts that appear different after surgery. When a large volume is reduced, some patients feel like their stomach looks bigger, or their hips look wider, or their back fat has increased, etc. It's not that the surgeon touched the stomach or hips or back, but now the breasts are smaller so all of the proportions look different. In larger women, from a side view the stomach could even stick out more than the breasts, because the breasts no longer droop over the stomach.

Patients are not expected to know all of these things, but your surgeon should be aware of all of the considerations. If you have really large breasts sometimes the nipple could be at risk for losing some blood supply, and the technique of breast reduction is important in keeping the nipples alive.

I would recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to see what is a reasonable size reduction for you.

Good luck!

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Breast reduction goal is balance with your body

I think it is very difficult to guarantee a cup size after a breast reduction. The real goal is smaller breasts that have a nice shape and are in keeping with the rest of your body. In other words, if you are a very short, thin individual, we may want to aim toward a slightly smaller size; if you are tall and perhaps a bit heavier, a fuller breast would give you a more natural look. Despite this, there are still limitations to how small we can make the breasts without risking healing problems or loss of sensation to the nipple.

My advice would be to seek out a plastic surgeon in your area with extensive experience with breast reduction surgery, look at his before and after photos, and discuss your goals with him.

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Breast reduction size changes - Los Angeles

Size and contour are two important considerations in breast reduction. We would recommend that you balance size with the overall natural look of your new breasts. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Shape versus size in breast reduction


I think most breast reduction candidates envision a small final breast volume but with ideal breast shape.  This can be accomplished for certain patients but each persons body and beginning breast shape will dictate what final breast shape will be possible.  It will be challenging and unlikely that a very large breast reduction can accomplish the full and "perky" shape that you may have had when you were in high school.  You will therefore have to decide how important shape will be and how small (or large) are you willing to go to maintain that shape.

All the best,

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Cup size after breast reduction?

Thank you for the question.


Unfortunately, there is no direct correlation between the amount of tissue removed and the ultimate cup size that a patient will wear after breast reduction surgery.
Before undergoing the breast reduction procedure it is very important to communicate your size goals with your surgeon.  In my practice, the use of photographs of “goal” pictures (and breasts that are too big or too small) is very helpful. I have found that the use of words such as “natural” or “C cup” or "fake looking" means different things to different people and therefore prove unhelpful.
Also, as you know, cup size varies depending on who makes the bra; therefore, discussing desired cup  size may also be inaccurate.
Best wishes.

Breast reduction: How much?

The risks of breast reduction generally increase with the amount of tissue removed and most particularly the concerns are for viablility and sensitivity of the nipple and areola as well as the skin.

There are risks to crossing the street or flying in an airplane and, of course, there are risks to any surgical procedure. These risks can occur regardless of surgeon or technique. These include but are not limited to: infection, hematoma, discomfort, wound breakdown, hypertrophic scar formation, asymmetry, unfavorable healing, interference with mammography or surgical evaluation of breast masses, interference with nipple sensation with nursing and aging, discoloration of the nipple/areola, need for secondary surgical revisions, and inabiltity to guarantee a specific cosmetic result. Nipple sensation is usually diminished in large breasted individuals and can increase, decrease, or remain unchanged following surgery

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It may be possible to make you a C cup, but you should use it more as a guideline for your plastic surgeon.  This way they will know what tissue to remove at the time of the surgery.  Ultimately, they will need to reshape the breast, so you may end up somewhat larger than a C cup.  These are all things that are set as parameters before surgery, but will only become apparent to the surgeon as they are doing the procedure.

What will your breast size be after reduction?

Most women come in seeking breast reduction asking to be a C cup.  Unfortunately, there is no standard for what that really means. A C cup at Victoria's Secret is vastly different than with other manufacturers. Additionally, the goal in most cases is either a reduction in symptoms, an improvement in the appearance of the breast or, typically, both.  If aesthetics are important then the goal should be to match your result to your body. This is where the skill and attention to detail of the surgeon is critically important.
Take some time to find a good plastic surgeon who does multiple variations of a breast reduction and who can match the procedure to your body. Find someone you trust and an office you feel comfortable in then trust that staff to get you looking your best.
Dr. Pyle

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It's Highly Probably That a C Cup is Attainable in Your Case Following Breast Reduction

Although it’s impossible to guarantee a cup size following breast reduction surgery, it’s highly probable that a c cup is attainable in your case.  The majority of patients who are undergoing breast reduction surgery want resolution of their symptoms and improved breast aesthetics.
  Improvement in breast aesthetics requires the creation of new breasts with good shape and contour that have been lifted into proper position.  It’s important that they have good harmony, balance and proportion with the surrounding structures.  For many women, this occurs when their breast are measured as C cups.
Several factors must be considered when creating a C cup breast.  Of these patient safety should have the highest priority.  Attempts to over reduce the breast can potentially damage the blood supply to the nipple areola complex and lead to an increased complication rate.  In some cases, it may not be safe to make the breasts to small.
In other cases, insurance carriers may have weight criteria which can potentially result in the breasts being smaller than the patient desires.  In this situation, the insurance company requires removal of a set amount of tissue.  Finally, everyone definition of a cup size might be slightly different and for this reason confusion can exist regarding cup size as well.
In the vast majority of cases a C cup is attainable. It’s important to discuss breast size with your surgeon prior to proceeding with breast reduction.  Your surgeon should be able to give you a relatively good ideal of your final breast size by examining you and considering insurance criteria.

Any size can be achieved with a breast reduction.

A breast reduction can yield any size a patient wants.  The technique may have to be altered if a huge breast is to be made extremely small, but it can be done.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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