Breast Reduction and Now Want Implants. Is This Possible?

I had a breast reduction which left scars and also, some fat looking skin on my sides of my breasts. I have since lost weight and I am considering breast implants but want the side fat removed also? I'm in Atlanta and I am just wondering how this would be done and how it will look after a reduction? And also the estimated costs involved.  Thanks! 

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Augmentation after a reduction

is very common and can produce the results you desire.  With your weight loss, you do have additional issues that can be addressed at the same time, specifically removal of those lateral chest rolls.  If you skin is excessively lax, you will require extension of your scars towards your back.  You may also need a mastopexy or revision reduction if your breast envelope has also stretched out.  Your doctor can guide you through this process and the chances are good that your goals can be met.  Best wishes!  And costs vary considerably from doctor to doctor so you are encouraged to shop around for someone you like and trust and whose fees are reasonable. 

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It is possible

Not infrequently patients who are overweight are bothered by symptomatic macromastia and for that reason undergo a breast reduction.  After successful weight loss, unfortunately, patients also find themselves with remaining breasts in good position and grade one ptosis but are hypovolumic.  These patients are in fact good candidates for breast augmentation.

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Breast implants after breast reduction surgery

Breast implants can be placed after breast reduction surgery if are actually needed. Regarding the lateral fullness it could be treated by liposuction or by excision. It would be helpful to see some pictures.


Good luck

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Implants after breast reduction

It is very possible to have breast implants after breast reduction.  This is a fairly common procedure actually.  I prefer a submuscular placement of the implants. Also it may be possible that you may need some skin excision or lift to make you look as good as you can.

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Breast augmentation after reduction

Certainly a breast augmentation can be performed if you are a candidate. It sounds like you have lateral chest rolls adjacent to your  breasts, which certainly could be treated as well. An exam would be necessary to evaluate you properly.  Good luck.

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Fat rolls can be removed

If what is left on the sides if the breasts is fat and not dogears from the reduction, it can be liposuctioned. Augmentation can replace volume from your weight loss. Depending on which scars disturb you, an augment may be performed through those scars to produce a scar revision. Photos would be helpful to comment further.

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Breast Augmentation after Previous Breast Reduction?

Thank you for the question.

Yes, it is possible to undergo breast augmentation surgery after previous breast reduction surgery has been performed. This can be done at the same time as scar revision and/or “side fat removal” is undertaken.

I would suggest that you meet with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons  and make sure you see lots of examples of their work. Communicate your goals clearly (I prefer the use of goal pictures).

Best wishes.

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Implants following Breast Reduction - often a smart choice

The short answer is not only can it be done but from your description it sounds like the right operation for you. Specifically, an implant to fill out the top of your breast which tends to under go atrophy (involution changes) following weight loss, pregnancy and with age. It is a common procedure. Often there is too much volume on the bottom of your breasts and too little on top. The fat on the side of your chest wall is common and improves the appearance of your breast in many cases. The cost is dependent on a few things including where the surgery is being performed, if a nurse anesthetist vs anesthesiologist, amount of liposuction, if lift will also be required, length of surgery and complexity, etc. At your consultation you will be given an estimate. In this case seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon.

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