Breast Massages & Odd Clicking Noise - 7months Post Op?

I am 7 months post op. When I massage my left implant it is completely soft and moves around nicely in the pocket. When I massage my right implant it at times is soft (not as soft as the left, but still a degree of squishyness is there). I have recently noticed when massaging in a circular motion my right implant makes a weird clicking noise towards the cleavage area. What is this noise? Is it scar tissue? Is capsular contraction taking place? Am I massaging to hard??

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Breast Massages & Odd Clicking Noise - 7months Post Op?

Seven months post op there is no reason to do a breast massage.Implants by now must be soft and good both sides.However sudden shifting movement of the implant under a capsular contracting band can give a click kind of feel .In which case massage with moderate gentleness for few weeks should help you otherwise at some stage this issue needs to be sorted out surgically.

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