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Post Breast Lift Sagging After Weight Loss

I lost about 65 pounds over the past 4 years. I had a breast lift 7 months ago, after losing the weight. The top of my breasts has loose skin again already. They are very squishy and I can pinch the extra skin on the top of them. When I bend over they are super saggy. I am so upset about this. If I get a revision lift and get them reduced to a small C will this help?

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Post weight loss sagging after a breast lift


Patients who undergo massive weight loss have sagging and stretching and overhang of their skin, and the skin has been damaged.  A breast lift is designed to lift the breast and nipple and reduce the overhang while still keeping the scars under a swimsuit line.  Breast lifts do not tighten the upper pole of the breast, and in MWL patients the skin of the entire chest has been stretched in all directions. So, although a lift will tighten the skin in the lower breast, the damaged skin will have some tendency to restretch...not as much as before, but probably more than you would like to see.  And the upper breast will not be tightened...only filling out the relatively empty and oftentimes flattened upper pole with an implant may help.

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Revision breast lift requires exact diagnosis of anatomy.



It is quite hard to get a good long term result in breast lift after big weight loss.  Revision will probably help you and there are four general options:

1)  The skin elasticity is usually not great.  The skin envelope may need to be re- tightened.  This just involves redoing the breast lift with the same scars.

2)  Tissue under and to the side of the breasts can be tucked inside the breasts as flaps.   This maneuver is tricky, but it adds volume and firmness.

3)  If you are still too large, then a small breast reduction as part of the revision breast lift will improve shape and firmness.

4)  Finally, breast implants can have a role, particularly in producing fullness in the upper part of the breasts.

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Revision Breast Lifting After Weight Loss?


Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, given your significant weight loss and how loss of skin elasticity as well,  your situation is not uncommon.

Although difficult to give you good advice without direct examination or viewing pictures, it sounds like you may be a good candidate for revision mastopexy as well as the use of breast implants.

In-person examination with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons will be helpful.

Best wishes.

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Fat grafting or implants will help


You have the common problem with the lift which is lack of upper pole fullness. Your options are implant or fat grafting. I offer my patients fat grafting to the upper pole of the breast.

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Recurrent sagging after breast lift


Massive weight loss can have significant deleterious effects on breast  skin tone and elasticity. This can result in restretching and recurrence of some of the sagging after a breast  lift. If it is  enough to really bother you, at  7 months post op you are at a time when revision may be considered. If you are concerned at maintaining size, lateral breast tissue can be repositioned into the central and upper breast regions. This , if it has not already been done, along with more skin excision and tightening, could be of benefit. Breasts with smaller size typically have less forces creating recurrent sagging. Therefore, if you are happy with a smaller size, a small reduction with revision lift may also be a good alternative. Regardless, in some large weight loss patients, lifts and reductions alone can never achieve perfect upper breast fullness.

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Weight loss and breasts


Sagging of the breasts depends alot on the quality of the skin. Considering that you lost a lot of weight, your skin more than likely rebounded a bit from the lift with some laxity. A revision may help.

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Sagginess after breast lift

After significant weight loss there may be a lot of excess skin and loss of breast volume. The solutions to looseness are to either go small enough so that the remaining volume fills the reduced skin envelope or add an implant to fill out remaining skin laxity.
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