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Breasts Smaller After Lift with Implants?

Hello, I had a breast lift with silicone implants 6 weeks on Thursday 8th. Before my surgery I was wearing a D/DD bra. I wanted to be back to my normal Full DD. Now, all of my bra's are too big. Is this normal? How come I am smaller then when I went in?

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Lifted and enalrged breasts appear smaller and fit into smaller bra


I see this quite frequently. Even though no breast tissue or volume is removed breasts can appear smaller and fit into a smaller bra size after a lift primarily because prior to surgery larger bras are used ot contain the sagging breast. A sagging breast will appear heavier due to the low lying position on the chest as well.

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Smaller after implants and lift?


I can not tell you exactly why you are in a smaller bra after the surgery.  How large were the implants?  How much tissue was removed to make the breast shape nice?  These factor in.

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