Would I need a breast lift or a lift with implants?

I have had 3 children and have extra skin and saggy breasts. My nipples have always pointed downward which I think contributes to the saggy look. I do not feel my breasts are "empty" and was told they are very glandular. I am a 34d and am happy with that size. I want more perky/ full breasts but not larger. Can I accomplish this with just a lift?? Thank you :)

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Breast lift alone without augmentation is possible if you're happy with breast size

Yes is certainly possible to do a breast lift alone without breast augmentation if you have significant breast gland tissue and are happy with the size of your breasts.

Be aware however that after the breast lift although the shape of the breast and the nipple position are improved the breasts will not feel firm and full.  Often after breast lift alone when wearing a bra or bikini the skin in the cleavage area is jiggly and loose.  For this reason many patients choose at least a small implant for upper pole fullness and firmness after the breast lift.

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Would I need a breast lift or a lift with implants?

   If you are happy with the breast size, the breast lift would likely produce the result that you want.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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