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Breast Lift and TT Gone Wrong?

I had a breast lift and augmentation, muscle repair and a tummy tuck a month ago exactly. After carrying triplets, the above was necessary. I have always been a C cup. I asked to be a full B cup , However I am now a D. My doc says its the swelling, is that true? My tummy tuck is starting to look better each day but I noticed that the left hip has extra skin hanging that is not swollen, is that normal too? my doc says its swelling, if so should it not hurt when I pinch? HELP Thank you

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Still too early to judge results of an abdominoplasty and breast augmentation

It is very easy to get anxious over your result following surgery.  If there is extra loose skin on one side it can be removed, usually under local anestheisa, in the future.  Give it about 6 months then re-evaluate.  The same is true for the breasts. It is important, prior to surgery, for you to be an active participant in selection the appropriate implant size with the assistance of your plastic surgeon

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Wait to assess your results

Please wait about 4-6 months before you assess your results. At this point you are still affected by swelling and your body is still recovering. If you're unhappy with your results at the 6 month mark, definitely return to your surgeon to discuss your results.

It could be 6 months before swelling resloves.

The period of time immediately following Mommy Makeover surgery is characterized by rapid changes.During this phase of wound healing, swelling, muscle spasm and the healing process itself all contribute to changes in the appearance of the abdomen and breasts.
In some cases, superior implant displacement may be due to swelling and muscle spasm when implants are placed beneath the muscle.Swelling can also adversely impact the appearance of the abdomen.
It may take three to six months for implants to drop and swelling to resolve.At this time, the vast majority of patients are happy with their results.If no progress has occurred by then, revisional surgery may be necessary.
It’s important to have good communication with your plastic surgeon.Make sure he is aware of your concerns.He is familiar with the specifics of your surgery and will be able to give you appropriate direction.

Mommy makeover tummy tuck breast lift swelling


  It is important to realize that you are very early in the post op period.  In order to see your results, you need to be 6-12 months after your surgery.  It is also important to point out to your surgeon the areas of concern and the options you have if things do not improve to your satisfaction.  Options are such a great power.

  I try my hardest to let patients know that their bodies will change remarkably over a period of months and eventually there will come a time when it is decision time on concerns.  Then, hear the suggestions and go from there.

  All mommy makeovers involve many different features that might need some type of adjustments in the future.  We like to have happy patients over time but the best way to achieve your goals is to work closely with your surgeon to understand the changes that are and will be happening.

 You are not describing surgery gone wrong.  You are describing anxiety and this is VERY common. 

Could I Be Still Swollen At One Month?

After major surgery like a Mommy Makeover, swelling can still be present in small pockets, like one side of your abdomen, for 3-6 months or even longer.  I totally understand your concern.  I am sure you were very excited about having this new body and shedding the post pregnancy fat and droop, but please understand recovery from a Mommy Makeover is more a marathon than a sprint.  It takes time.

With reference to your breasts, I am going to assume that in the lift, there was some degree of reduction. You probably made a deal with your surgeon to decrease your breast size to a large B even though implants were placed.  Here is the problem.  These letters A, B, C and D have no absolute meaning.  Bras from Macy's may call something a B, but if you go to Victoria's Secret, the same breasts could be a C or D.  Pretty confusing, eh?  Now since the letters mean nothing, add to that the problem with swelling post operatively.  No wonder you are frustrated.  

You trusted your plastic surgeon with your life and your looks.  Trust him or her a couple more months.  If things still aren't looking good at 6 months, then you may have to talk about a revision.   But at one month, it's too early to worry.

Question about surgery results

The surgery was done a month ago it is a bit too early to judge the outcome. Your body, after surgery, will continue to change and it may take up a year before all the swelling subsides. You need to communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon before jumping into conclusions.

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Breast Lift and Tummy Tuck Recovery

Hello Rezan - Things may be better than you fear. 

Your breast question:

  • ask your surgeon what size breast implant s/he put in.
  • Generally a 300 cc implant or less, makes a B cup. If yours is in that range, chances are you are just swollen from surgery.

Your tummy tuck question:

  • Yes,things look uneven and even sagging as swelling goes down.
  • Why doesn't it hurt? Swelling causes numbness. That's why it doesn't hurt when you pinch it. 

Best of luck.


Concern after surgery

I'm a little confused. If you were a C cup before surgery and wanted to be a full B cup, why did you have implants put in? Implants would increase your size. 

Concerned that breast lift and tummy tuck have gone wrong.

Photos would be required to answer your concerns, but some general points come to mind.  If you were a C cup prior to surgery and wished to be a full B cup, then a small reduction or none at all would have shaped your breast better and left you approximately the size you wished.  Any augmentation would add additional volume to your breasts and you would move to a larger cup size.  Some swelling may still be present so I would  be patient for several more months to see how things settle.  If your tummy has a small amount of excess tissue at one side which does not settle after the few months you are waiting for final breast size to show itself, ask your plastic surgeon to do a small revision under local anesthesia to smooth the area.  Small areas of skin excess like this are easily corrected.  Good luck.

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