Safe Breast Job With Implanon On During Surgery?

hello, i am 21 and getting a breast augmentation in a month, i have had the implanon in for a year so far, is it safe to leave it in during surgery? i also have vonwillerbrands and a underactive thyroid. thankyou :)

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Breast augmentation and medication


Estrogens and surgery have certain risks.  discuss with your plastic surgeon and ob/gyn  the risk of keeping the implant in or removal relative to how long you have had it, length of surgery , anaesthesia.


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Clotting and bleeding with breast augmentation


Implanon can increase your risk for blood clots in your legs (DVT) around the time of surgery. It is important that you have sequential stockings on at the time of surgery and that you walk frequently after surgery as well as move your feet and legs often while not walking. If you get pain in one of your calves or swelling in your feet and ankles after surgery, call your doctor immediately.

von Willebrand disease (vWD) presents the opposite problem, excessive bleeding during or after surgery. There are several different types of vWD with different severity's. You should absolutely see a hematologist to have your bleeding time and clotting factors checked before surgery.  Because of this condition, you are at a higher risk for bleeding with surgery and you should proceed with elective surgery with caution.

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Birth control, bleeding disorders and surgery


Surgery is safe as long as you get medical clearance from your internist before surgery and take the appropriate precuations for each of the 3 issues.

Implanon-birth control
The Implanon increases the risk of clot formation with immobilization. That should not be an issue with a short duration and fairly quick recovery procedure like breast augmentation. To be on the safe side you should have compression devices on your lower legs during surgery to increase overall blood circulation. The Implanon can interact with medications used during and after surgery decreasing the effectiveness of each other. Therefore you will need to take extra contraceptive measures for sometime after stopping the antibiotics etc.

Von Willebrand's Disease
You will need Stimate® or desmopressin acetate (DDAVP), a nasal spray that stimulates the body to increase factor VIII and von Willebrand levels long enough for surgery to be performed safely.

Underactive thyroid
Hypothyroidism can prolong the healing process so as part of your medical clearance the TSH, T3 and T4 blood levels need to be checked and appropriate measures taken prior to surgery.

For a smooth recovery and safe surgery your plastic surgeon will need to work cooperatively with your internist-hematologist etc. to ensure the appropriate medications are given and the important blood levels are normalized before and immediately after surgery.

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