Will Breasts Sag if I Decide to Explant?

What if you decided to explant? Will your breasts sag?

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Will breasts sag after implant removal?

Implants can, to some extent, camaflouge existing sagging of the breast. When the impant is removed, this sagging of the native breast is "unmasked". Removing the impant does not create sagging, it "deflates" the breast volume. You have to be prepared psychologically for this loss of volume.

The next question is, does the breast need to be modified after removal of the implant? It would need to be modified if is has significant, pre-existing sagging or excess skin. So the important thing to determine is whether or not you have sagging now, with the implant in place, of both the nipple and the breast tissue itself.

Also if your breast skin is significantly stretched out, you may need this removed by a lift procedure. If you have some sagging now with the implants in place, you may need a lift at the time of implant removal.

It depends on the position of the nipple and how much breast tissue you have and how this tissue is distributed. Implants do elevate the nipple position, but only a little bit. So if you take out the implant, the nipple will sit a little bit lower. So if your nipple position is good (a ittle low is OK) and your breast tissue is evenly distributed you probably don't need a lift.

Howevery, if your nipple is very low, you would benefit from a lift. If your nipple is good but all your breast tissue is in the lower half of your breast, then you would benefit from a lift. If skin is very stretched, would benefit from a "lift" to remove this. Good luck.

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Breast implant removal

Many women are afraid to have implants removed because they fear their breasts will sag afterwards.  In my experience, most women who have their implants removed notice their breasts look pretty much like they did before receiving the implants.  If it has been many years since receiving the implants, or if there has been significant weight gain, there may be sagging of the breasts after implant removal.Otherwise, the removal of the implants usually does not result in much sagging.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Breast appearance after implant removal

Breast implants add volume and a little bit of lift, so taking them out means your breasts will be smaller (or "deflated" appearing) and sit slightly lower, but if you have a good amount of remaining breast tissue, no sagging now or before your implants, and excellent skin quality, it may not result in sagging to a degree that you want a breast lift. Important factors include:

1. Did your breasts sag before your implants were placed?

2. Do your breasts sag right now with the implants in place?

3. How large are your implants? If the implants are small and you have a lot of your own breast tissue, you may not notice much droop. If the implants are large, it is more likely your skin is stretched out, and you would have a more noticeable droop.

4. What is your breast skin quality? Young, elastic, healthy, or stretched out, thin, stretch marks, etc.

5. How much breast tissue do you have? Are the breasts "all implant", or do you have a lot of your own breast tissue? (This can change over time, simply due to aging or post-pregnancy, or thinning out of tissue around heavy implants...)

6. Where does your nipple sit in relation to your own breast tissue?

Basically without seeing you in person, it is difficult to say how much sagging your breasts will have, if any. A breast lift typically raises the position of the nipple, and tailors the skin to fit the amount of breast tissue you have in a more youthful and lifted position. The length of the scars depends on how much extra skin you have.

I would recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon in person to answer this question for your case in particular. There are definitely women who have had their implants removed, did not get a lift after, and are perfectly happy. There are others who benefit from a significant breast lift. It all depends on the patient.

Good luck!

Anita Patel, MD
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Breast implant removal

Often when removing implants the breasts will return back to their initial shape. They may look more droopy  depending on how long you have had them and whether or not you have lost weight or had children. They may look a little wrinkled for a couple months but then they slowly will regain their natural shape.

David E. Kim, MD
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Explant sagging.

Hello. Depending on what you started with, how large you went implant size and how long you have had the implants. The larger the implant, may result in stretched out skin that may need excision. I would recommend you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in breast surgery for best results. Good luck.

Jaime Perez, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant sagging after explant of implant

The answer is usually a simple one depending on the location of your nipple relative to the location of your infra mammary fold.  If your nipple is located level or above the fold, you will not sag.

Gary H. Manchester, MD (retired)
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implant Removal

Occasionally, I see patients who just want the implants removed because they don't want the implants "to be a part of them" anymore.  Make sure you think about this and that this is the right thing for you.  It's difficult to say if you need a lift after removal -- no one will know exactly what your breasts will look like after the implants are removed until it is done.  Talk to your surgeon and get good advice.

Will breasts sag if implants removed?

The answer to this question varies greatly. But, in an effort to keep things simple, here it goes.

Breasts usually return to their original state before implantation except with one or more of  the following:

  • Implants in place for a long time (>1yr)
  • Large size of implants
  • Advanced age
  • Implants are sub glandular (not behind muscle)

I hope this helps you and others in similar situations. If you do decide to remove implants ( and they are behind the muscle) and you are unhappy with their shape, allow me to make a suggestion.

I have developed a procedure that allows me to lift and slightly augment breasts without the use of implants. It's called the "Ultimate Lift". When breasts are deflated because of age, wt loss,  pregnancy, etc. I use the remaining breast tissue and make an internal cone that simulates an implant. Then, I use the excess skin to make 'internal bra straps' that are then looped around the muscles on your chest to provide a long lasting lift. Added benefit-no vertical scars.

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Implant removal

A breast implant and the breast tissue both combine to give the overall volume of your breast. Depending upon the proportions of each ( i.e. 50% breast 50% implant etc.), the loss of the implant may have little to a huge effect on the breast volume once removed. The breast is like a bucket handle. It hinges upwards with more volume and sinks flat when deflated. The nipple may not change position or it might significantly. The volume may not change much or it may change significantly. This is something that can be predicted with a consultation.

Timothy Fee, MD
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Sagging may occur

Sagging will occur based on the following:

- the size of the implants relative to your normal breast size
- if you have lost weight
- if you had children
- amount of breast tissue you have
- skin elasticity
- and aging

You may want to consider breast lift (mastopexy ) if breast do turnout saggy after removal of implants. Please consult your plastic surgeon.

Chen Lee, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon
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