When Can I See Final Breast Augmentation Result?

I am 5’7”, 143 lbs and had 500 cc's under transauxillary. I am 4 weeks post op and my right breast looks noticeably fuller and lower than the left. I can’t tell 100% if they're both settled or not. I know it takes time and it’s only been a month, but how long until my breasts will look they way they will look? Is it normal for implants to settle at different rates?


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Breast implants take 3 months to settle after augmentation surgery

It normally takes 3 months for breast implants to settle after breast augmentation. Subglandular implants settle a few weeks earlier than submuscular implants. Transaxillary breast implants are probably partially submuscular and can take longer than implants placed through other incisions.

All breasts are asymetrical before breast augmentation. The most difficult asymetry is when the inframammary crease, the fold beneath the breast is at differnet levels before surgery. It is very difficult to achieve symetry when one crease is higher than the other.

It is most difficult to correct these asymetries through the transaxillary approach, as this is a blind procedure.

If your crease was higher on the right side before surgery, then that may explain the asymetry you are seeing now.

Massage and downward displacement exercises can help and you can work harder on the right side to try to encpourage the right side to drop.

If during your surgery the right breast implant pocket was smaller and or higher than the pocket on the left, then you may be left with this asymetry and or need revisoion.

If you do need a revision, I would only do it through an inframammary incision, as this is the only way I can adjust the inferior pocket accurately and achieve symetry.

However you must wait 3 months to see if the Right side will drop. Consult yuour surgeon for advice on massage and displacement exercises. Wearing a pole wrap can also help force the right inmplant lower.

The other possibility is that the left side is too low. That is why you need 3 months to see which side you like better, which is properly placed, and if you are not symetrical by then, wheter you want ythe right side lower or the left side higher.

It sometimes takes 6 to 9 months to see final results in breast augmentation.

It is quite common for breasts to settle unevenly and have one descend faster than the other. Different types of exercises may be used for thise purpose as well as the use fof specialized bands.  Final results can be seen in 6 to 9 months. 

Sometimes when a breast looks perfect at the end of the case, it drops down several months later to an undesireable height. In managing breast implant uneveness and correcting a high riding implant, I intentionally undercorrect because I know it will drop over a 6-9 month period.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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It can take several months

In most cases, you wil get a good idea of your final result at the 6-8 week mark, but it can often take longer than that to see the final result, sometime several months or longer.  In the interim, it's important to stay in contact with your surgeon so that he can monitor your progress.

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS
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Final results usually in about 3-4months

Typically you will see final results about 3-4months after surgery. However, everyone is different and sometimes it may take longer for your tissue to stretch into its final position. The heavier the implant, the more the tisue will stretch. As for asymmetry, that is difficult to answer without an examination and review of your before photos. Most women have some asymmetry before and after surgery. Your surgeon will be the best to answer your question regarding asymmetry. Good luck.

Several months to final result

After any surgery there is a period of weeks to months to see the final results. Immediately after surgery there is a period of swelling. it usually takes two to three weeks for 80% of the swelling to resolve. Then it takes months for the remaining 20% of the swelling to resolve. Also, during this time, the implants and tissue settle which results in a more natural appearance. This can also take several months. Good luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Be patient.

My patients (submuscular) see the implants start dropping at between 3 and 4 weeks.  They continue to improve for about a year.  Next visit, ask the doctor about the asymmetry, as he may want to start you on a massage.  I will assume that nothing else is going on.


Generally 3-4 months

Most of the time, full healing has occurred by 3-4 months post augmentation.  However, with the larger implants, sometime you can still see settling of the implant up to a year later because gravity is working on a heavier object.

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