Possible to Keep Same Size with Every Breast Augmentation Revision?

I live in Russia where plastic surgeons say breast implants have lifetime warranty, meaning augmentation is a one-time operation. I am confused on this topic! I want 150-170cc implants and want to stay this size all my life. With every reoperation, should bigger implants be inserted? Is it possible to keep my size the same with replacement?

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Even god cannot guaranttee the same breast size for life.

Although the breast implants may remain the same size for your lifetime, your breasts will not remain the same size and your breasts will change with pregnancy, menopause and hormonal status.

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Lifetime warranty refers to the implant not the operation

 It is certainly possible to replace your implants with the same size, the question is why are you considering having your implants replaced?  Are you having problems with the ones you have?

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