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If i want breast implants is there a way you can do payment plans?

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Financing Options Available

There are financing options available depending on the surgeon and where they practice. Please contact the surgeon you would like to have perform your surgery for further information

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Financing Options


Financing options vary from practice to practice. Some practices will offer internal financing while third party financing is commonly available. We offer CareCredit.

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Financing Breast Implants


Financing is commonly available through a plastic surgeon's office and usually involves a national company such as Care Credit or others that are available for your utilization.

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We have a number of payment plans for breast implants.


There are number of payment plans for breast implants and you could find information on this on our website Aurora Clinics.

Most plastic surgeon will offer similar finance packages and it’s probably best to discuss this with them in person.

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Financing Breast Augmentation Surgery


Cosmetic surgery is typically fee for service in that payment is expected at the time of service or more commonly a few weeks before surgery.  There are several large financing companies that offer financing for any cosmetic indication including plastic surgery, dentistry, etc.  The biggest two are Chase Health Advance and CareCredit. You can go online before your consultation to see if you can qualify for the amount you need before even going to the consult if you know the price range for the surgery you are interested in.

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If i want breast implants is there a way you can do payment plans?


Paying for your cosmetic surgery is an on going question. Of course you can pay with a cash, personal check, or credit/debit card. Over the last 15 years Cosmetic Surgery financing has become a "new" business. Today there are aprox. 5 companies offering this type of unsecured "loans". The most popular are Care Credit, MedLoans, Surgery, & (this one I personally recommend). In a recent review of these "loan" companies it was stated there is a 20 to30% default on the loan, but the % of income still allows them to be profitable. Remember many of these companies charge the surgeon a fee to loan you money for your surgery. Also once signed up your information is sold to data banks, another income stream for these companies.  

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Financing Breast Augmentation


Many Plastic Surgery offices offer financing  for cosmetic surgery. This is usually through an outside source. One of the most common is CareCredit. You can go to their web site at to find someone that uses them, or simply ask if the office offers financing before making an appointment.

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Payment Plans for Breast Augmentation


Some plastic surgeons offer "in house" financing.  More commonly, however, these payment plans are administered through a third party.  The most well-known of these is CareCredit.  You can check online on their website your candidacy for the program and what your payments would be. 

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Payment plans for Breast Augmentation


The simple answer is yes these payment plans are available at most Plastic Surgeon offices. Elective surgery is a "fee for service"  which requires full payment prior to the surgery date. However, for the convenience of our patients, there are a few well respected financing companies that specialize in providing flexible payment plans for elective cosmetic or dental surgery. The application process is very efficient, confidential  and professional. In my office our preferred financial assistance companies are MediCard and Credit Medical.

I always caution my patients to try and think "long term" when it come to having elective surgery. Although complications or disappointments are rare - they can occur. Often this can be remedied with additional surgery that will require additional payment. If you are extending yourself financially to have breast implant surgery, consider what you would do if additional private care or surgery was required. The risks associated with breast implant surgery should be thoroughly discussed and understood before you move ahead. You can use the links on our website to contact the financing companies in advance to see if this affordable for you.

Dr. Mosher

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