Why Have My Breast Implants Have Never Dropped (375 Right 350 Left)?

It has been 16 months. I have considered mastopexy and/or the new 5th generation implants in tear drop form. Maybe going up two sizes. I would like to be a bit larger but my main issue is the implants riding high and giving my breasts a "snoopy nose" appearance. I feel that i need a revision. I should mention that i had a nipple reduction. My PS is recommending the new tear drop implant. A second opinion recommended staying with the current implants and getting the mastopexy.

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Breast Implant exchange and Breast Lift is definately and option


From your photos it appears that your implants may be too high and that a revision is indicated. Sometimes, just a capsular release and implant exchange may work, other times a breast lift is indicated. If your implants are soft, you do not have a capsular contracture and it is just a high placement, if they are firm, then you need capsular work performed as well. You may do well with a small, circumareolar lift and an upsize. Not sure about using the new teardrop implants if you want to go a little bigger. They will give you a more natural look at times, but sacrifice some size.

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