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Breast Implants Cancer Screening?

How are cancer screenings/mammograms done when you've got breast implants?

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Breast implants and cancer screening


Breast implants do not interfere with self-examination or physical examination by your physician in checking for palpable breast lumps, as all of your breast tissue lies above the implant. Implants do not interfere with ultrasound or MRI examination of the breast.  Implants do make standard screening mammograms a little more difficult, as the image of the implant does block the view of some breast tissue on a standard view.  Most radiologists feel that they can obtain satisfactory mammograms in breast implant patients by taking additional views that displace the breast tissue away from the implant.  Many radiologists feel that visualizing breast tissue during mammograms is easier in patient's whose implants are under the pectoralis muscle, while some radiologists feel that it does not make that much difference.  There is no higher incidence of breast cancer in breast implant patients.

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Breast Cancer Screening After Implants


Since the implant is entirely behind the breast tissue, they do not interfere with examination. They do, however, require that you change Mammography method. Screening mammograms use only 2 views and can miss problems with implants present. Therefore, you need a Diagnostic Mammogram, one with at least 3 views. Extensive studies have shown that with this one change, the chance of finding breast cancer at the same stage and with the same chance of survival and cure is identical between women with and without breast implants. MRI and Ultrasound is unchanged by the implants.

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Breast Cancer Screening With Implants


Both saline and silicone implants interfere with mammograms to some extent.  Experienced mammographers will attempt to displace the implants posteriorly to better visualize breast tissue (this is somewhat easier with implants placed behind or underneath the muscle.  Severe capsular contracture could also interfere with self-examination.

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