What Type of Breast Implant Gives the Most Upper Pole Fullness?

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Implants and fullness upper pole


Usually the larfger implants give more upper pole fullness. This also usualy  means a wider base diameter implant. Remember though, that all implants gradually descend, and the only way to maintain upper pole fullness is to wear a push up bra.  Because like everything else in the world, gravity works against you.

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A large diameter implant will give you the most upper pole fullness


Saline implants tend to have a stronger shape and firmer contours. A saline implant that has a diameter that is at least as wide as your breast will give you upper pole fullness. As the size of the implant gets bigger the higher the upper pole as well as the width.

Use the dimensions of the implants and compare them to chest dimensions. Depending on the volume of implant you want and the dimension of the implant will dictate the profile of implant you want to use.

Essentially, the bottom line is that larger and bigger implants give you upper pole fullness.

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Dr. Peterson

Marcus L. Peterson, MD
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Most implants in augmentation will fill the upper breast well


In breast augmentation the size and projection of the implant used depends on the natural dimension of the breast, and the volume and projection desired. To fill the upper pole of the breast the implant must be centered under the nipple, and be of a adequate diameter to reach and fully fill the upper pole. Increasing the projection of the implant will then increase the relative cup size.

Upper pole fullness is not generally a problem in augmentation, and in fact overfill is the typical problem. With an increasing implant size the lower pole often cannot expand to accommodate the implant. The result is a 'high riding' implant, again an over fill of the upper part of the breast. Also in cases of subtle capsule contracture the implant is pushed up and into the upper pole, again over filling the upper part of the breast.

The best way to ensure the breast is filled out well is to choose a look such that the implant is as full as the natural breast will accept. You can choose to go fuller, perhaps a high profile implant, however the result attractive to some, may not fit the description as 'natural".

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Opinions vary a bunch on upper pole fullness from breast implants



When opinions vary so much, you find that the answer to your question is a matter of opinion. Many factors go into developing upper pole fullness and some of them are not as controllable as others. How a woman's body "carries" larger implants can make fullness fleeting.

Larger implants and sometimes a lift can be helpful. The question is usually whether or not the upper pole fullness will "stay put." The answer is sometimes.

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Upper Pole Fullness; Pick plastic surgeon carefully, not implant type



The best way for a patient to acheive an excellent result in breast augmentation and / or breast lift is to pick an experienced surgeon and discuss carefully what you wish to acheive. After you've found your surgeon, ask him or her to evaluate you carefully and make recommendations.

I suspect it would be a mistake for me to recommend a particular implant design, fill, etc. I can say that filling any particular implant more fully within its recommended range gives a more spherical shape to the implant. How it looks in a patient's breast following surgery however depends on many other factors, some of which are dependent on the surgeon.

Also be aware that excessive upper pole fullness is a possible outcome, and undesirable. Best wishes finding the right surgeon.

Sutton Graham II, MD
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Controlling breast contour with implants


In general, it's not the type of breast implant that makes the difference in filling in the upper pole of the breast, it's the size/volume characteristics. If the implant is sub-pectoral and round it will look the same whether it is gel or saline-filled.

Fitting an implant to a breast is a little like fitting an orthopedic implant as for a hip or knee. It is also like fitting a body to clothes or a foot to a shoe. It is not possible to just pick a size of hip implant, dress, or shoe and make it work. The key is knowing what fits and what effect that implant is going to have on the contours above or around it.

A round implant whether silicone gel or saline-filled will fill the upper pole of the breast properly if its diameter is matched to the width of the breast and the upper pole scallop is not taller/longer than the horizontal radius of the breast -- a rare occurrence in a breast not too droopy and suitable for augmentation. If the upper pole is longer than the radius of the breast, then an oval shaped implant could be considered where the upper or long axis of the oval fills higher than the width. This would require a textured surface implant to try to lock it into position. A smooth surface round implant doesn't need texturing to lock it in and a textured surface implant does not guarantee that it will stay in place.

The other factor is forward projection. It is possible to over fill the upper pole of the breast by using an implant with too much forward projection or an implant that is too wide for the width of the breast which forces it to expand into areas where it is not expected.

Breast implants must be fit to the patient and know what effect that is going to have on both the contour and the overall size of the breast. It is not possible to measure this exactly but it can be characterized and before-and-after photos can be helpful to see what effect a given implant has on the breast. On the other hand, I do not find that stuffing bras or trying to match pictures of someone else is helpful.

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Many factors involved in creating upper pole fullness


In addition to the type of implant used for breast augmentation the amount of existing breast tissue plays a strong role in determining post operative upper pole fullness. If you are extremely flat in the upper pole then a high profile implant may be a consideration. If you have any degree of breast sagging then a breast lift may be needed to keep the implant in an elevated position.

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How to fill the upper pole


Choosing a breast implant size appropriate for your frame, as determined by your plastic surgeon, is the best way to fill the upper pole with a "natural" look. The higher the profile of the implant, the more likely the upper pole will be filled. This is the best answer I can give you without any measurements.

Sirish Maddali, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

The problem is usually too much upper pole fullness!



A natural breast, no matter how perky, has a tear drop shape. A breast augmentation that is not well done, or breast implants that are too big, will give you a round, high, full, convex look on top. We usually try to avoid this because it looks fake, but believe me, it is very easy to do.

Also the shape of the breasts after a breast augmentation is mostly caused by how the operation is done, not by the type of implant. So go to an experienced plastic surgeon, and show him what you want to look like.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Bigger is fuller


Dear Mom,

In general, larger implants will give more upper pole fullness, saline filled implants will give more upper pole fullness, anatomic shaped implants will give more upper pole fullness.  So, a large, saline filled, anatomic shaped implant will provide the most upper pole fullness. 

Kenneth R. Francis, MD
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