Breast Implant Removal Outcome?

I recently had breast implants put in from my size A and went to a C. It has almost been one year and am looking to remove them because I am not satisfied and would like to go back to my previous looks. What would the outcome most likely be?

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Breast implant removal


It is unclear how your body will respond to implant removal. In some patients the breasts look okay. The more tissue and the smaller the implants the better.

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Some women have no problem with sag after breast  implant removal without replacement. Others sag somewhat and desire a lift. The results vary unfortunately.


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Breast implant removal will make breast look different


If most of your current augmented breast volume is composed of implant, then your breasts will have some laxity for a period of time after implant removal. If your tissues are youthful and elastic, some of this laxity may recover on its own. You might need a lift. Your surgeon will help sort these issues out.

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The outcome of breast implant removal


It really depends on the proportion between you breast tissue and implant volume. If there is more breast tissue than implant and the implant is not very large you should have a good result after implant removal. If the implant is very big in proportion to the original breast size, a mastopexy might be necessary. You can also replace with another implant.

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Aesthetic result after breast implants are removed


The breast implants that had been placed have stretched out the tissue around them. When the implant is removed you will notice some sagging of the breast. If this displeases you, you may choose to have another implant put in its place or to receive a small breast lift.

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Implant Removal


Unfortunately, removing your current implants may leave you with sagging loose skin. If you want to avoid further scarring from a lift you may want to consider the removal. Due to the elasticity of your skin, a "C" cup has caused the skin to stretch and thin out. However, I have had some patients who's skin has bounced back after implant removal.

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Removing Breast Implants


Your breasts will not look the same as it did 1 year ago before the augmentation. Usually the skin envelope is stretched and the breast tissue tends to thin out over time.

In certain cases when the implant is remove a lift is required, meaning more scars. Think very carefully before removal.

Hope that helps.

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It most likely won't be the same


Your breast tissues have stretched as a result of the surgery. How much change there has been is variable. I removed implants that a patient had placed 12 years ago. She had gained some weight and breast tissue and ended up having a pretty and satisfying result. Others end up needing a breast lift procedure after the implants are removed. I hope this helps.

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Breast implant removal outcome


There are so many factors that will effect the ultimate outcome and appearance of your breasts following implant removal. These include:

1.Age (yes, over 40 does mean less elasticity/contractility than a 25 year old but usually more than a 60 year old)
2.Size of implant
3.Number of years implant is in place
4.Over or under the muscle placement
5.Length and duration of nursing while implants are in place
6.Natural volume of breast tissue

In summary, it is my experience that If you go with a conservative volume implant (that is a subjective and not objective term) relative to your breast tissue, it is likely that you will have some loss of upper fullness with implatnt removal but not a drastic amount of sag (ptosis).

I have prepared a video on youtube entitled Breast Augmentation Overview in which I show the consequences of two patients who have undergone implants removal:

1.Scroll to 1 min into the video and you will see a 40 year old who underwent implant removal 1 year after placement. I do not have the pre implant photos because the augmentation was performed elsewhere and the patient preferred to have me remove the implant rather than the initial surgeon

2.Scroll to 1 min 30 sec into the video and the second patient is a 42 year old who had implants in place for 20 years.

Occasionally, it is obvious that a person will need a lift and implant removal and replacement can be performed simultaneously although there are some concerns about the circulation to the nipple areolar complex. I generally prefer a two stage approach with implant removal followed b 6-9 months of observation and then decide on a lift at that point in time. If there is a question about the need for a lift, saline implants can be deflated with a needle to get a rough idea bout the degree of sagging or droop (ptosis) followed by observation for 1-2 weeks to observe the effects of immediate contraction

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